Free Birth Chart

I found this amazing and very interesting website a few nights ago. Honestly, I can state that the information shown to me on this astrology site was so accurate about myself that I could (but couldn’t) believe it. Now, I wanted to share this site with the people here on SRK, and hopefully, you all will have the same experience I had. The link is below:

All you have to do is fill out a VERY SMALL amount of information about yourself and the site will do the rest. Please, make sure you read EVERYTHING the site states about you. You might be surprised :). Make sure to post your comments in this thread after reading your info. I’m interested in people’s responses.

I dont get it.

Explain what Im suppose to be reading…

Thanks for pointing that out to me. What you’ll be reading is your horoscope signs and how they REALLY DO make up a LOT of who you are, how you like to approach things, what you value the most, etc. Please, check it out.

If you want a good astrology birth chart report with alot of details about what everything means instead of just a picture nobody can understand go to and enter your birth information there. I was really astonished as too the level of detail and accuracy it is pretty crazy!

My horoscope said I was going to stumble onto a really shitty thread.