Am a button retard?

Ever since I’ve started playing Marvel I’ve noticed something about my normal air combo with Strider. Normally I just: launch, jab, short, short, fierce, roundhouse. For me the roundhouse has a better chance of connecting with slightly larger characters when I do this. But most of the Strider players I’ve seen have always been able to do launch, jab, short, jab, short , fierce, roundhouse and have them all connect. Whenever I try it, I seem to completely miss with the fierce. The only time it works is when I do the 1234 fierce as fast as possible but then that leaves the roundhouse completely missing. Which is why I’ve always stuck with just jab short short and for some reason works for me. Clock and Kai’s timing for 1234 is a little weird but it works for them and lets them do the corner resets and stuff like that. Anyone know what I’m talking about or even understand what I mean.

yea you want that otg rh corner combo right?

its launch, lp, lk, lp, slight pause, lk, fp, rh for otg and finish it off. Doing this on cable.

combo is sorta of tricky to pull off but nothing a little practice can’t fix. I was in training mode when I was reading this so I know it works.

after the launch its immediate lp, lk , lp. Do it immediately don’t lag this out.

then the pause lk, fp has to be done right too

its kinda like a 2 part combo.

I do…

launch, immediately lk, lp, lk, lk, hp, hk otg

I don’t think UEZ was referring to the corner combo at all in his post. You just want to get your to FSD in your AC. It works fine for me as:

launch, sj.lp,,, sj.hp, 44pts

Play with it a bit and the timing will hit you. I’m only adding this b/c I still don’t see you do it against me and it appears to be his strongest AC from what I have tried sans a double-jump combo into throw.

Every type of character has their own timing.

Sentinel: You need to be blind to actually miss on him.

Storm: Pretty difficult to hit on mid screen. As is with characters her size or thinner. It’s doable but her falling sprite is pretty small. Try some variations of the timing mentioned in the Magneto section.

Magneto: 123 slight pause 456. This is pretty much the universal timing I’d use on many other characters like Psy, Capcom, and Cyke. Magneto has a slightly bigger window of grace period you can pause at since he’s bigger than those 3.

Cable: 123 slight hesitation 456. Timing on cable is very unique. If you try to use the timing as you did with magneto, he’ll be too high up after the 4th hit causing the fierce to miss. So the key here is to make the hesitation her smaller than the pause you would take with Magneto. Or if you want to take a shortcut, omit hit #2 (the lk) and dial away

Hope this helps

btw, in case it you may not be aware, by ending with sj. fierce, sj. rh, you give Strider the chance to DJ before landing from the air combo. This allows a few extra mixups (like you can jump over your opponent as you land) and gives you a few more options.

If the enemy is to high or to low it may not work. Given that:
1 - sp, 2 - lk, 3 - mp, 4- mk, 5 - fp, 6 - fk… The timing for me for any character is usually 123 4 5 6 with 4, 5, and 6 being not as immediate as the first three hits.

I think it is also important to note the height of the character that you are launching in the air relative to you. Because just following the timing may be inappropriate if the character is too high or too low.