Am I a masochist?

I’m a brand new player and despite the fact that all signs point to Zangief being the best choice of a main character for me, I can’t help but to love Dan. What is this!? Seriously. Everything about Dan amuses me, he’s quite frankly an amazing human being to the point where I start to question his general humanity at all. I don’t want to say it, but I can’t help it; I- I’m considering playing with Dan Hibiki. Am I a masochist, idiot or both?

NO you arent. Dan is actually a decent character in sssf4 ae 2012. You like the characters you like regardless of their tier or what everybody says. Simply put if you like dan MAIN THE SHIT OUT OF HIM, and beast with him.

You’re either a masochist, or troll. Trollsochist.

EMP Trollsochist.

And yet this never stopped any person from playing a character they like. Thus, play whom you wish. Just don’t be like me and flip chairs/tables when you lose in tournaments for maining a bad character.