Am I a Scrub?

I love Street Fighter, but the more I play online, the more I begin to hate it. I only have about 500 player points to my name, and they constantly go up, and down, and this process goes on constantly, my objective is to break 1000 pp so i can play the better players.

But I have a problem, there is no respect online at all!

Believe me, I know that respect isnt a strong suit in the online world, but even if I outplay someone who dps for no reason, I still lose.

I play seth so a ryu’s dragon punch is the bane of my existence. If I try doing my dive kick mixups, I get dp’d. I try to go for a combo into spin kicks.
The combo doesnt go like low short, low jab, low strong into spin kicks.

Its low short, low jab ---- SHORYUKEN!


Im not bad at the game be any means, but people resorting to stupid stuff like this is friggin ridiculous. I try baiting dragon punchs, but they still throw out random dragon punch

It feels like thats the only move people know…

The more you try to understand and learn your character the more you will improve

Let go of how you think your opponent should be playing and instead learn to adapt to how the person in front of you is playing.

There’s a good article on the subject here:

Like snoweaglee said, you need to react to it. At least your opponents are beind predicatable!
There more than 1 way to play SF, you can’t dictate some people, nor will they learn from their mistakes, so sometimes you just have to be shameless and exploit them for their habits.

dont drop your links. learn true blockstring, and then wait and block -> punish them