Am I alone in wanting to play *every* fighter released?


If I had the time/talent, I would quite happily play pretty much everything released. I can’t really think of anything released recently where I’ve not had atleast a moderate amount of desire to play it. A few games I want to play but know I’d be crap at, GG for one, TTT2 is probably another.

I am admittedly drawn more to the Street Fighters but, I’d be quite happy if my main game was anything out of the current crop (assuming it has decent netcode) from BlazBlue to MK9 to 3S. Fighting games are all just different, rarely do I rank them in any form of superiority over each other. Any one else similar? I think most here have suffered the ‘bought too many fighting games’ syndrome at one point. I know realistically 2 is the maximum given time constraints.


yeah, alot of people WANT to, but the reality of not having the time to put in the time in training mode in multiple games sets in, and you end up just picking 1-2 (sometimes 3) games you will play well, and practice those when you can…


you are not alone. i collect any and every type of fighting game i can get my hands on for as many systems as i can get my hands on.

play them all, and love them all.

and if you cant play them all, they will be there in your collection for when you get around to them later. thank god not every single game is treated as a real life kumite n shit.


I try out every fighter, and mess around with characters even for games I think are mostly shit. There is always something interesting in each game.
But just timewise, you have to choose a few to focus eventually


Yes, you are a precious little snowflake, thank you for this thread


Pretty sure Chris G is with you


I prefer training mode and playing few arcade mode matches. online play is very tiresome to play that many fighters


I try, i try…not enough time in the day, so i gotta pick my fighters wisely.


I only play what my sponsors allow me.


you’re also probably forever alone


I like to play pretty much any game that isn’t 3S or BlazBlue or DOA.


Don 't worry, like the overwhelming majority, you are nowhere near good enough to have such restrictions


It hasn’t been easy playing fighters for me, there is a lot out there. Usually I do research to see if it a new game matches close to my favorites and go from that.


Not sure why you need to make this thread… ? Doesn’t really ask any interesting questions or get at any interesting data near as I can tell. :\