Am i banned from GGPO? somebody help meeeeeee

It was working just fine yesterday, and i just got registered on ggpo little over 4 days ago and have said nothing offensive to anybody, but now whenever i try to log in it just says connection lost. am i missing something, somebody help please.

umm nvm, seeems to be working now…weird.

FYI I believe that’s the “Server is Full” message.

While we’re on the subject, when I connect to the 3S room, I don’t have the option to challenge people or spectate. There’s always 10-30 people in the room, but none of them appear to be playing. When I ask if anyone else is having trouble in the GGPO chat, I get no reply.

It was working fine until about 4 days ago. My ports are still forwarded correctly and the roms are in the right place, but I can’t play… :’( I’m pretty new to GGPO. Any ideas/help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.