Am I Behind?

I just now fond out that Photoshop CS2 is out -.-

I have ps7, should i definately get cs2? whats different? Is it worth to get? How many people use that over ps7 now? O_o

I love PS5.5.

PS5.5 is Photoshop nirvana.

I’m still using CS for work and home. I have the option of using CS2 at work, but I don’t like that the unified shortcut keys were taken from illustrator.

So rei, should i stick with PS7? or update to cs2?? What do you suggest? whats the difference?

PS7. runs faster… CS is good, but it has 18903254 different USELESS things in it and takes up twice as much resources. rediculous.

Basic breakdown.

If you are processing massive amounts of RAW files from your digital camera, switch to CS2. If you need better cross-compatibility with Illustrator, InDesign, Acrobat and GoLive, then switch. If you have massive amounts of ram and need an excuse to get more, then switch.

Typically, if you don’t know how it would benefit you, then you don’t need to upgrade. There are features that were added that help, but they are mainly Photoshop copying the plug-ins that people use to extend Photoshop’s capabilities. (Like GEM, SHO, or any of the Nik plug-ins) Photoshop’s Extract replaced the need for Corel Knock-out. Shadow/Highlight replaced the need for SHO. Vanishing point and image warp are the CS2 additions to replace other plug-ins. Adobe has a track record of copying everyone else so that Photoshop is the jack of all trades. I expect to see a duplicate of the “I’m feeling lucky” button from picassa in a future version of photoshop.