am i doing something wrong?


playing on the fightpad and when i try a focus attack it just skips the ink animation and goes straight to the attack which doesn’t cause a stun…i have not been using this much but when i first got it
i could do the full focus attack no problem
and how do i know if turbo is on or off? cause the red light on the controller’s on(though that could just be the battery level)


You are holding down MP and MK and not just tapping them right?


battery level?
wired fightpad…

turbo’s on. turn it off.


yes iam holding them down not tapping them
maybe i do have turbo on(the little red light next to the home button is on)


but it requires batteries to work(the ps3 fightpad is wireless while the 360 one is wired…i think thats what your thinking of)


Is only the 360 one wired?


yes 360’s the only wired fightpad while ps3’s is wireless


so how do i turn the turbo off?