Am I doing too much?

I have been playing fighting games for a while and I just recently picked up an arcade stick and i love playing on it. But i feel that I’m not making too much progress with it. also I’m trying to get better at marvel 3, marvel 2, tekken tag 2 and kof 13. I have made plans to compete in evo for marvel 3, tekken tag 2 , and kof 13 but i feel that when evo comes around i wont be as competent as i want to be. Do you feel I’m doing too much right now?

If you want to try and place as well as you possibly can, then I would suggest that you focus on 1 main game. You can still play others, but that game has to get the brunt of your playing and practice time. That said, execution between the 3d games will pretty much carry over into each other. The one that sticks out here the most is the single 3d game, TTT2. <br>

It’s up to you.<br><br>Learning multiple games is a lot harder but is also very rewarding. There are going to be tradeoffs between games, but there will also be some overlap. Honestly, play what the good players in your scene play.