Am I doomed?


I know some tricks to this SF4, like footies, zoning and other stuff. I watch streams I learn from top players, such and such…I practice my executions and links. Learn some Bnbs, but every time I play on PSN, I would get my ass handed to me by people I know I can beat, people who are like fucking up and making hella mistakes…yet I don’t beat them, this happens over and over again.

Why? :frowning:


Are you properly defending yourself and not giving your opponent any opportunity to hurt you? Even if something is a blatant mistake and they’re wide open, being too careless can be the end of you.


You cant experience everything through watching other players. Other things come into play like reaction time, general matchup knowledge, and execution which cannot be learned through a youtube tournament vid. Sure you know your opponent is fucking up but can you react quick enough to punish it? Does your opponent know something about your character that you dont? Are you able to execute moves when under pressure? Hands on experience is usually better than reading, watching or hearing about something imo.


Solid defending, patience and simple punishment options should help you with those problems. Also, execution timing tends to change between matches due to varying connection quality. If you feel like you can’t grasp the link timing in a specific match, just trade that link for a knockdown as punishment (if possible) and work from there.


honestly… its probably mostly cause its online… lag makes retardation… er … smart. lol.



Try using no specials, dashes, or jumps forward for a month. I’ve been doing it for a week and I take way less damage and am learning to be a little more patient and creative in my fights. Especially when it comes to getting in and putting on pressure. Other than that, it just takes time and consistent practice man.


Tao’s got it.

Practice your footsies.

When I switched over to teh stick my execution went to crap… so I started just winning matches with poking. I learned Fei’s got some damn good pokes. And now taht my execution is getting better I’m working my specials into the poking situations I’ve been creating.

Learn what opens your opponent. Learn when High and Low blocking is important. And finally, if only throws at first, learn how to punish your opponent’s mistakes properly.


I want to emphasize the importance of this post.

Playing online is one of the worst barometers for fighting games. Find some local people offline to train with and you will see your gameplay go up exponentially if you put in the effort.


Playing with lag almost doesn’t count as playing at all. But if you really want to improve, you can try doing what some other people on here have done–videotape your matches online and ask for some honest critiquing. You might be surprised by some of the bad habits you have.


I will try to poke and zone with my normals, and I still need to block properly I think I am pressing to much buttons.
I think I wasn’t applying enough pressure, I was mostly zoning with fireballs and cancel fireball. I can’t get my bnb to land properly, and the “lame” pace of the game was sorta throwing me off because I am use to more reactions from other players other then blocking fireballs.


I will try to poke and zone with my normals, and I still need to block properly I think I am pressing to much buttons.
I think I wasn’t applying enough pressure, I was mostly zoning with fireballs and cancel fireball. I can’t get my bnb to land properly, and the “lame” pace of the game was sorta throwing me off because I am use to more reactions from other players other then blocking fireballs.


I think though if you don’t have alot of people near you try and get some people from SRK and play player matches with them, since its better than nothing and the people on SRK wont do dumb shit(most of the time). And try and make sure your have 3+ bars when your playing them, Anything lower and it won’t matter who your playing its going to be ass.

But overall yea play offline matches whenever you get a chance


OP no offense but it can take years to “learn footsies”.

Saying you “know footsies” probably reflects the fact that you could explain what they are, but being GOOD at footsies in the pressure of a match, against a player who is smart and careful is a whole other story.

I can hit a lot of flashy combos and nonsense, but that really doesn’t matter because I lose matches due to my own improper spacing, improper timing, mediocre footsies and mediocre zoning. These are all things that no one can learn in training mode, you can only learn them by grinding loss after loss against better players.

I’m just saying that knowing a thing, and doing a thing well are very different. Some of the fundamentals take a ridiculous amount of time to learn.

You are not doomed. Just keep playing. I have to give myself that same pep talk damn near once a week.


Agree. You may be on a higher intellectual level than the other player, but it is meaningless without actually being able to follow through with that intellect. You aren’t doomed, if you’re trying to build a footsie and ground game, or actively trying to play smarter rather than harder. Life isn’t a Rocky Montage though, it’ll take time to be a master.


Reading theory fighter and watching videos of matches you don’t fully understand doesn’t constitute you doing your homework. Playing online doesn’t constitute practice.

Real-talk? Go to match-making, find your area and make some matches with people in your area.


Best way to learn the game is to play the game.


Play with purpose. Just playing doesn’t mean getting better.


The prevelance of information: Videos, this forum, pro player podcasts, tourney streams, etc… It has made a lot of us new players believe that somehow by mentally absorbing these tactics, that we will be able to go right home and use them.

Having this access is a really good thing, but it can also be very misleading too. I think a lot of new players (like myself with less than two years of serious training) fall into that trap of believing that because we were told about an option select, that is going to be an answer to a situation that we are having trouble with.

But what you DON"T see in the video, or hear from the pro player when he is describing the tactic: Is that being able to properly space and time that tactic, its where the true skill is concerned.

I mean…I play chun and dictator. Chunner has some very simple option selects in terms of the inputs (HSU Op select to catch backdashing is easy to input)…but that is VERY deceiving!!! Sure, the input is easy, but properly spacing and timing that tactic…as well as knowing WHEN to use it…those are the intangible elements of the game that you can’t just learn by reading. And without those, such a tactic is basically useless.

I’m learning this lesson RIGHT NOW: I’m trying to learn things that are above my skill level, and I’m getting frustrated when they don’t win me matches. I need to forget about the advanced stuff, and try to get better at the basics - Zoning, footsies, playing safe, knowing how to create a situation where its safe to jump in, metagame, etc…

All you new players grinding through frustration like me: Keep your chin up. Don’t be like me and allow yourself to get so frustrated with your own progress. I’m horrible about that and its holding me back. This is yet another case where KNOWING a thing and DOING that thing are two very very different actions.


Parabellum, what you just said is 100% true. It shouldn’t usually take more than a year to go from beginner to intermediate player. It will take much longer to go from intermediate to expert/top player.
Very few break that (Mixup and Yipes in MvC2 are examples)


Yeah, that kinda goes without saying though.

Obviously if you’ve been playing since february and you’re still mashing out wakeup DP’s with Ken you’ve not been playing with any purpose. But generally people will get better without realising it, picking up various tactics and using them sub consciously.

I don’t know about other people but most of my play is sub conscious. I don’t mean purely reaction based, I try to read my opponent and pick up on habits and weaknesses but I’m not consciously saying to myself “ok he likes to DP through blockstrings” or “he gets frustrated and confused when he gets backed into a corner”. It’s in the back of my mind, it’s hard to explain lol. But that comes from just playing the game alot and understanding how it works and understanding different situations.

Suppose I should have elaborated more but I wanted to say a cool 1 liner lol

I agree 100%

Knowing what do to do in theory is one thing but actually applying it in matches is another. Which is kinda what I was trying to say with the sub conscious thing.