Am I forgetting anything? + sleeve/heat shrink advice?


Soon to place an order for all my parts to make a stick from scratch… let me know if you can think of anything else I might need…

–Tek Case
–JFL-TP-8YT (Sanwa TP-MA PCB Assembly, JLF-P1 Mounting Plate, Sanwa JLF-H 5-Pin Wiring Harness, 2 restrictor plates)
–Seimitsu LB-39 Bubbletop Green
Sanwa OBSC 24mm x 5
Sanwa OBSC 30mm x 8

16pc Wire with .110 Quick Disconnect
–10 Connection .110" Ground Daisy Chain Wire
–Nylon .110" Quick Connector Insulation Sleeve

–Madcatz 360 fightpad or brawlpad
Toodles Cthulhu Multi
Toodles Imp V2
–RJ45 Jack PCB Mount
Neutrik NE8FDP RJ45 Feed-Through
12 inch RJ45/Cat6 Ethernet Cable
13 Foot Black USB to RJ45 Cable

Also, I plan on buying some 1/4"? braided sleeving with 1/4" heat shrink… is this good for my needs? Do I need sleeving/heat shrink that’s larger than 1/4"?
What brands do you guys prefer? I know tech flex seems good and there’s that furry guy on ebay, but I’m looking to get PURPLE sleeving/heat shrink so I’m leaning towards what’s on

Thanks guys


Well I ordered everything except the heat shrink//braiding cuz I’m still unsure of it.

Does anyone know if any retail stores have this stuff for sale?? I don’t have a fry’s


well I got 1/4" braiding/heat shrink… I wasn’t sure if I needed larger heat shrink than the braiding… but whatever.

Now all I need to do is track down a brawlpad/fightpad… shiiit I’m super stoked.

I found a female usb to xbox… so I don’t even need to buy a RJ45 crimper! weeeee!!


Looks like you have everything(listed), I’m sure you can find heat shrink at auto parts stores. Did you get 5 24mm just to have a couple extra? Or did you plan to put 2 on the side as well as the 8 button setup, so you could switch to 6 button setup(if that makes sense)? And now you don’t plan to use the rj45 feed through?


be sure to post pictures of your progress on this board so we can live vicariously through you


I got the five 24mm buttons so i could have three on the back for start, back, and guide. I’m going to put one 24mm on each side for pinball games.

And yes, i plan on taking lots of pictures, so i can make a dummy proof guide on how to make a mc stick.


[S]How could you guys forget to tell me to get a JFL Quick Release and extra buttons for a Stick/Stickless hybrid?[/S]

edit: I ordered a JLF and if I had ordered a Seimitsu then I could have maybe done a stickless/stick hybrid. The reason being the JLF mount makes the layout awkward as hell

I’ll save that for the next project![S][/S]