Am i good enough?

Ok, so i’ve been playing fighting games since i was younger, i came here just to improve my gameplay, here’s a few fighting games i play and my mains:

Street Fighter 2: Chun li, Guile
Street Fighter Alpha: Chun Li,Cammy
Street Fighter 3: Twelve, Ken, Q
Super Street Fighter 4: Ken, Chun li, Akuma
King of Fighters (94,95): Ryo, Athena, Heidern
King of Fighters (96,97) King, Billy Kane, Yuri
King of Fighters (98, 98UM): (i play with Extra mode) Geese, Yamazaki (EX), King
King of Fighters (99,2000,2001 etc.): Kim, Yuri, Joe
King of Fighters (XIII): Terry, King, Billy Kane
Fatal Fury 2/Special: Kim, Terry
Fatal Fury 3, Real Bout: Terry, Kim, Geese, Jin Chonshu
Real Bout Special, Real Bout Fatal Fury 2: Rick, Terry, Kim, Jin Chonshu
Garou: B. Jenet, Rock, Terry, Hotaru
Last Blade 1 & 2: Yuki, Setsuna
Art of Fighting 2: Takuma, Yuri
Soul Calibur: Siegfried, Nightmare, Misturugi, Seung Mina

I wish to be more defensive as i think i attack too much, but i suck really bad against defensive players.

Also someone asked me for a video of my gameplay, here it is me against a good japanese player:
(i’m Player 2)

Listing your mains in all your fighting games will help us help you as much as this post will.

You should post videos of your gameplay

Play defensive characters. Dhalsim always fucking you over? Learn Dhalsim. Guile laming you out? Learn Guile. Simple.

You’re not really giving us anything to work with. Posting a video would be more helpful.

Also something to consider: if you are posting more than one main for anything that isn’t a team game, you probably don’t really have a main.

That’s actually a really bad use of time. You don’t need to learn a character to learn a matchup.

It’s VERY hard to get good if you’re playing many games/characters at once.

OP totally bizzares me.

But no, there’s no good enough - you can always be better.

No, you’re not good enough. I’ll show you how to get better:

SSF2T: Guile, Dhalsim
SSF4AE: Juri
KoF2002: Vanessa/Robert/Kula
BBCT: Arakune, Rachel
SG: Parasoul/MsFortune
VSAV: Hsien-Ko, BBHood
T13: Reimu
JoJos: Petshop
XvSF: Wolverine/Dhalsim
MOTW: Hotaru
GW: Warrior

Hope this helped.

No Samurai Spirits?! Master that game and you’ll have no problem. I abandoned the task. No Rage of the Dragon?!

I find my greatest opponent to be net lag. Combos and specials that work in training mode are impossible to pull with lag, especially in GGPO. As if you need to press the buttons in different timing.
Also a keyboard is more susceptible to lag than an arcade stick, since it seems that inputs duration lasts much less. 50 % of input commands is wasted this way.

It would be better to post at each fg subsection individually for advice, instead of adding all together.
it requires an essay for proper advice.

Regarding KOF I’d suggest you also to use Shermie. She’s exactly the kind of character you seek in order to play defensive. Kagura as well in KOF98.
SFA, learn to use R.Mika, Rose or Karin.

Petshop will not help him at all. Flying constantly is not the average FG character. Better use Alessi or Hol Horse. If he masters grabbing, Iggy would be the best choice.

… You didn’t get it.

Am I a good chef? I have used many spoons!

If you were good enough you wouldn’t need to ask

no, u should be maining t rex in primal rage. this is the only way to get past scrub level.

seriously though this is like going to a tryout for a basketball team, and instead of playing you show the coach your collection of shoes.

judging by this post im going to say that you are either really new to fighting games, or a longtime casual player who is beginning to take interest in upping your game. so no, im going to just make the mild assumption that you are a beginner. what u should do is pick a few games to focus on, learn as much as you can about them from reputable sources, watch streams, watch youtube videos and play productively. there is absolutely no way u can become proficient at anything if youre playing like 15 games at the same time, when most of them are super niche communities of godlike players.


OP: I’m assuming thats a list of all the games you play… if so, you’re playing WAY too many games at this point. Pick one or two, and focus on those for now.

Also, videos would be extremely helpful; no one here knows how you play, so we can’t exactly tell you where you stand.

Lastly, there’s no such thing as “good enough”. The minute you think that is when you start losing.

I am not trying to play 15 games at the same time, i am focusing on King of Fighters and Soul Calibur, i left Street Fighter for months, I’ll try to get better on it later.

Good enough to… what? I don’t understand the question you are asking.



I know he is god tier, but clarifying it now would avoid unpleasant feelings from his opponents.Initially I thought he was the weakest character due to low stamina! I cant use Petshop to its full potential either and lose.

what I see though is that most godlike players focus on one specific character or set of characters and are very difficult to beat with that pair. Maybe once in 30 games if you give your 100 % and they make some wrong decisions. If they
choose another character or make some concessions, there might be some competition from a casual gamer. So no need to become a master in 1-2 games when you can have fun in more fighters, even if you lose.
Because in high level matches, even the tiniest ping delay or button slip will prove costly. So I stopped worrying about becoming a master and prefer to play a few more games. Sometimes I fare better than I expect, others I perform abysmally.

I don’t have a flying clue about JoJos, let alone its Tier List. I was trying to be funny.

He said: Am I good enough? <List of games he touched and which char he mained there>
I answered: No, hope the following helps: <List of games I touched and which char I mained there>

To like, show him that a list of games/mains doesn’t actually tell anything at all.

Err… i am a girl.

Good enough for what?

Don’t look to SRK for assurance that you’re good, only to help yourself get better.