Am I in the right place?

Hello all,

I found this forum and honestly not sure if I’m in the right place. Just let me know if I’m not…:slight_smile:

My interest is solely in retro arcade games (early 80s to early 90s stuff). I’ve started with assembling a couple of the Picade Consoles from Pimoroni. After quickly discovering some likes and dislikes, I’m probably going to either sell or give those away.

I’m now looking for a sturdier case, different buttons (I prefer the concave style), different joystick, doing my own custom wiring and cable sleeving, etc. My biggest limitation right now is my lack of construction tools/skills. The electronics/wiring should be no problem. So I think a pre-made control panel would be an ideal fit. I really like the look of the Tek Cases. In fact, my searches for more information about them led me here. But, I’m not married to the acrylic…I’ve found some metal and wood cases that look like great options. I’m also open to buying a used enclosure from someone that has moved on from what might have been their starter case.

I found another forum, BYOAC, and posted in the for sale/trade section asking about used Tek Cases and didn’t get any replies. That being said, is this the right place for assistance and build-related questions for something that really won’t be used as a fight stick at all and is going to have a Raspberry Pi in it?

Thanks for any guidance on this.


Almost, try Tech Talk subgroup of the forum if you haven’t already.