Am I losing interest in fighting games? Or I'm just growing out of them?

When I was younger, fighting games were THE games to play.

Street Fighter, Samurai Shodown, Mortal Kombat and Killer Instinct were the big ones back in the day. King of Fighters and the VS series brought an all new spectrum to the fighting era and with Tekken, Virtua Fighter and Soul Blade on the 3D side, it seemed as if any type of fighting game I wanted to play was available.

And it’s always fun to beat arrogant players who give any and every excuse as to why they lose a game.

However, nowadays it doesn’t seem to be that interesting again.

For quite some time, games that should hold my interest such as Street Fighter Anniversary Collection, Soul Calibur 3, Tekken 5 and Guilty Gear X2 just aren’t that exciting again. They’re fun to play for awhile but then I just lose interest in both fighting the computer and other players.

In fact, the only games that I looked forward to are Sugoi! Arcana Heart 2 and King of Fighters 2002:Unlimited Match.

Is that I’m just growing out of them since I’m older? Or gaming as a whole just isn’t as interesting?

Anyone else thinks that your gaming isn’t what it once was?

You probably need a break from gaming for a while. It happens with a lot of people. If you still don’t want to play FGs even after that, then you’ve lost interest and grew out of it.

Its possible that games meant more to people back when they were more innocent.

Take a break from them or get some new people to play games with.

It’s definently an age thing.
I’ll be 30 this year and i already find myself losing interest, even in games i’d been looking foward to for months and months, 2k2um 98um, hokuto no ken, arcana heart.
I mean i still play them but not with the dedication i had done before my mid 20s
i also find myself really disliking alot of games that are released today also.

Maybe you reach a certain age and it just clicks? games are really just a waste of time a pointless distraction but it’s hard to stop when they’ve been part of your life for over 20 years

I think one killer factor is nostalgia, when i play a game i’m constantly compairing the feelings i have playing to when i was a youth, and of course you’re never going to match the magic of when you first went into a chip shop put your 20 pence into a sf2 machine and did your first dragon punch, to you sitting at home in front of you hd tv probably with a stack of about 40 other games you’ve not started let alone finished.

Of course i’ve sort of went rather off course talking about games in general rather than just fighters, i think the same rules apply

The fire is definently burning out

For me is totally the opposite: Im 25 and i love the genre even more.

But i guess that this also depends if you got friends to play, thats the most important point to me… every game release is a excuse to reunite and play.

Maybe u need to find the right fighting game to bring the feelin back

I’m 30 going on 31 and I havent lost any desire to play fighting games. They are what makes me tick. No 2d fighters = cranky Static.

Aside from my yearly sports games, these are my “life line” in gaming.

But to each their own and sometimes its good to take a break.

It’s probably the location. Is there anybody in Trinidad that you can challenge to a pool match?

im 24 and im more into than any other time of my life, mostly because now i can go more to tournaments, buy sticks and stuff that i couldn’t afford/go on the past

take a break for a while i think happens to anyone, i spend like 2 years into Starcraft/MMORPGs then came back for more fighting games

happens to all of us, at some degree there is nothing to feel bad about, I myself love fighting games.

I would recoomend picking up a different game type to waste some time on those. I find myself playing adventure games or action games when Im too bored or tired of fighting games.

NINJA EDIT: for some reason I havent been able to beat a game in years the last game I beat was resident evil 4 and that was about 1 year ago.

Maybe taking a break would do the trick. Personally, when I feel burnt out from fighting games(which happens every once in a while) , I switch to racing games for a few months, and soon or later, the urge to fight comes back. Only bad part is getting rusty. I’m only speaking for myself as everyone is different.

For me, if there is no “scene” in the area for a fighter then it would be really hard for me to keep playing them. I don’t learn fighting games by playing them alone or online. The social aspect of it is just as important as the games themselves.

yeah you gotta have competition. Doesnt have to be tournaments mayde just playing friends. My lame ass hasn’t been to very much tourneys in a long time, but i still get a kick out of playing games with my buddies.

Gotta have the fighting spirit.

try out more fighters you think you may enjoy with your friends and get something going, if you still feel the same way then perhaps you need a break from them or something.

I felt this way after SF4 came out. Like… I couldn’t play any fighters at all. I didn’t want to. But it was probably a combination of feeling like I didn’t have time so I couldn’t play therefor I couldn’t get better. So I know how you feel. Take a break for awhile and maybe if you watch a few matches or play a few later on it’ll reignite the spark. If it doesn’t, GGPO.

If somebody likes fighting games, he can like them even without playing them all the time. Some of them have alot of stuff aside of the on-screen action itself, like soundtracks, artwork, storyline, various rare stuff I like to dig at asian sites. Even if I would stop playing Samurai Shodown games right now, there would be still a lot of work to do because I work on this franchise-related site.

i am in the same boat with you

i am looking forward to tekken 6 and kof 12

hopefully that will get me back into the mood to compete again

I feel this way too to a certain degree. I don’t play as many games as I used to, but the ones I do end up liking, I play for awhile. I just turned 30 and while I’ll probably always play video games, I don’t take them as seriously as I once did.

And yes, nostalgia is a big part of why some people play, not necessarily for me, but I understand why it is that people continue to play older games that they started playing when they were originally released.

who cares? why do you need some big life revelation after you notice a regular (possibly temporary) change in tastes?

If you give up fighting games for a while then you’ll start to miss them and then you’ll come crawling back. :bgrin: