Am I losing interest in fighting games? Or I'm just growing out of them?

I think one reason why people lose interest nowadays is because games are kinda repetitive. Look at SF4, It really offers nothing new, nor is it innovative. Same with shooters, those have become really repetitive.

Like some have said, you may want to try something new, or not put soo much time into the same game or games in general. You may get that “itch” back to play again, or not.

I am actually in the same boat as you since I am a big fighting game fan and will be turning 30 this September. One thing I totally disagree with you is that games are a pointless distraction. I understand where you are coming from, but I see them to be a lot more productive than watching television (well, maybe not the news). Games now aren’t what they used to be. I am part of the golden age (NES/SNES/Genesis era), and games now these days feel overwhelming and complicated. “Hold this button while moving this analog stick to aim at this target while strafing with this button and pushing this direction on the dpad to reload”…what?

As for fighting games, they regress me back to simpler times when games used to be quick and fun. I don’t have the patience these days to spend more than one hour on a game. Fighting games are good for quick fixes without the learning curve since the formula hasn’t changed too much. I also tend to think that fighters bring a lot of different people together, but with the death of arcades, its been harder to see variations in the crowd. I mean, there are people who come together and play, but there isn’t that sense of strange territory when you know the environment is controlled. Some people (especially in Cali/NY) have this luxury, but most of us don’t.

On 2 related notes…
1: I took a 4 year break from fighting games and now I’m back. Didn’t really play many games for a long while there then I started to get back into nostalgia things like Donkey Kong and 10 Yard Fight and then went to the arcade one day with my friend and played some Championship Edition and it was back on.
2: I’ve outgrown RPG’s, I just don’t have time for that shit anymore. When I was in 8th grade I could justify sitting around all day on a Sunday playing Final Fantasy 7 but I just don’t have the time and even if I did there’s things I’d end up doing instead. I still buy RPGs from time to time thinking I’m going to get into it but never end up logging more then 3 hours total before they get shelved and I think I buy them more out of curiosity of the game engine then thinking I’m going to play them through.

I turn 30 this year and I’m way more into fighting games than I have been in a long time. My only problem now is between work and my family, I don’t have as much time as I’d like to devote to it,

How many times have I talked you out of quitting/retiring?

Well said. I know storyline is taboo on SRK, but for me fighting games aren’t just about comp and “playing to win”. It’s the whole genre…the characters, the personalities, the story, the artwork, the animation, the music, the style, etc.

Such a huge influence on my own artwork and my own tastes/interests…even beyond the joystick.

Very good point was said here about fighting games: They dont need big investments of time, because playing one battle is like 2-3 minutes, and you can finish single player mode as some character approxmately in half of hour. Now compare that to other genres (especially MMORPGs) and you will see how a grown-up, busy man will be able to play fighting games even under such circumstances where he wouldnt have time for other, more common game genres

Couldn’t have said it better myself. At least people of our age can console ourselves with the fact that we experienced the the era of fighting game supremacy. My local SF2 cabinet was in a milk bar - wish I could go back…:sad:

PS: I get excited by KOF XIIs visuals - perhaps this will reverse the clock! :rofl:

I am 38 and still playing but I took a break for a year,the only reason I got a next gen console was for SF4. Now I am getting hype over Kof XII,Blazbue, and Tekken 6. So it looks like I will be playing till I am about 50.

LOL, mine was at a mini-mart where we would purchase our milk and ice cream…it replaced a Donkey Kong.

At any rate, as a 34 year-old who was consumed with SFII on the SNES as a teen, HD Remix and especially SF4 completely revitalized my interest in fighting games. I had become focused exclusively on FPSes since the mid 90s and now that has turned around. I’ve become acquainted with the amazing VF series that I missed out on and am anxiously awaiting BlazBlue and KOF. I don’t think any of them will match SFIV in terms of my personal preferences, but I’m sure I’ll get a lot of enjoyment out of them.

This year has made me absolutely obsessed with fighting games…Blazblue and Actress again coming out in the summer…pure heaven.

I started kind of feeling burnt out on fighting games lately. I had basically started playing them seriously about 2 years ago, playing 3rd Strike and ST daily. After SF4 came out I felt like I was just tired of 2D fighters, even though I haven’t been playing nearly as long as most pro players.

I decided that I would try a couple 3D fighters and have been really digging playing Soul Calibur 4 at home and Tekken 6 in the arcades. Between those 3D fighters and my SF4 playing time I feel like I have a good balance between 2 different types of fighting games so I won’t get burnt out too quickly. Now I really want to try Virtua Fighter 5.

Gee, it did the exact opposite for me - made me feel older and even more out of touch with my nostalgic memories of the golden days of SF2. KOF XII is the first game in years that has me tapping into that childhood feeling. Hope it’s good!

i’ve been playing Sf since the first SF2 arcade and i’ve never lost interest in the SF series, granted there were times that i didnt play for a long time but never lost interest

i actually have a proper arcade machine i got few years ago…still playing it, and sf4 for xbox360

You are just getting “old”. Welcome to the club.

I completely agree, this is an essential issue. I consider myself as an ex arcade player and I believe your thought is very common between “old” players who had the chance to live the coin-op era.

As a matter of fact, this is the same thought that we - old school coin-op players who had started in the 80s - had with the raise of complexity of videogames both in gameplay and, consequently, in controls (more and more buttons).

The passage from the common coin-ops with two or three buttons to the six buttons of the Street Fighter saga - not to mention the movements of the joysticks and buttons to accomplish the special moves - was crucial.

Years later, the introduction of two more buttons in the first Playstation, along with the will of abandoning the 2d graphics, were other milestones representing the times were changing in the videogames philosophy.

I felt that years ago when, after a complete break from arcade playing since the St times, I watched for the first time Killer Instinct.

I really felt old, obsolete. It was an horrible feeling, I can still remember it, the moment when you realize an age of your life was closed and lost forever to become these good memories you are always going to regret.