Am I missing something? (SAI)

I took a break from 3S for a couple months, but I’m playing again and have started watching videos recently. One of the things that has me somewhat confused is that it seems like all the Japanese Makoto players are using SAI instead of SAII. Has there been a shift in playstyle here? Did they ban 100% stun? Is this all in my head? Just wondering.

what videos are you watching…

because SA I is really good…:wonder:

Seriously SA I is really good

IMO I can only think of a couple of matches were SA I makes it harder to win the match (I’d say Ken matchup becomes somewhat harder with SA I, maybe hugo and Alex (mainly due to their defense) but thats about it.

Ones from mainly. I was under the impression that SA2 was vastly more popular, having watched every FFA Ranbat and several other Makoto vids. I have almost always played with SA1, but I thought I was in the minority.

Especially since you get two stocks of SA2 and a big meter for all those EX Hayates and EX Tsurugis, I thought that the prevailing notion was that SA2 was preferable in all cases except when the 100% stun was prohibitively difficult.

Its just personal preference

don’t think to much into it

SA I and II both have their ups and down’s its up to you to decide which sa you would rather use in each matchup

maybe they are fighting alot of the twins ibuki’s chun’s? idk

I’m not gonna take the time to watch those videos… but off the top of my head I can say that the type of super Makoto uses is very character specific. If a makoto plays vs a more defensive character, more specifically, chun-li, many prefer SAI b/c you will find yourself chasing her across the screen more often than not. You will find it rare to be able to karakusa a good chun-li in range where you can connect a SAII. Other characters where SAI is typically preferred is vs a Yun/Yang. A good Yun/Yang will hardly be grabbed, normal or command. Also Makoto’s L.MK becomes very handy in this matchup, since Yun/Yang will typically be jumping around like a bunny most the time, and your L.MK will often stop their jump. You’ll find that a good makoto vs a yun/yang will play almost like a chun-li once she has her meter, ie. spam and wait for a good hit to link into SAI… Thats just off the top of my head… hope that helps.

Chase Chun? Chun doesn’t need to run unless you’re playing Yun. I guess what I’m saying is, a good Chun (umm, take this with a grain of salt) just stops you dead in your tracks moreso than trying to get away from you. IMHO If you’re on your on the far side of the screen too much, it’s probably because you’ve succumb to the “I’m Makoto, the mixup master, therefore I must attack”-mentality and not because Chun is running. I do agree SA1 works best v Chun though.

If your a conservative player or need to play conservative against certain characters then you would tend to choose SAI. These characters would mostly likely be yun, yang, ibuki, oro. The other two imo depends on how you like to play against them. I usually play SAI against makoto because I can keep control of the game. Chun li is usually SAI or SAII, where really turtle chun li’s you would tend to play SAI. I probably would play SAI against ken if its a one game kind of thing.

Overall besides those characters SAII would probably work best. However, it does come down to preference. I’m offensively oriented, so I prefer to use a lot of EX’s to maintain my attack. Most makoto’s you’ve probably watched or really footsies oriented and prefer to just keep a slow pace, hence they play SAI.

There have been exceptions to where SAI makotos are conservative. Chemuru and Ino are primarily SAI players, but they do a lot of rushing down as well in SAI. The drawbacks are just the limitations of the Super Art, which is EX moves while providing a super as a threat isn’t a viable option.

SA1 is life

give in to the greatness

I prefer SA II, beautiful stun damage and good way to punish people who run/poke/rush toooo much.

can you punish anything but a fireball on reaction with this super?

If you’re playing Mak with SAII, you damn well better be able to punish a fireball on reaction.

Also, close-up high attacks aren’t punishable with SAII. You’ll eat that shit every time.

On a final note, the SA you use with Mak will usually vary from character to character. Faster characters that can stuff your attacks (i.e. Chun & Yun), and are difficult to pin with a karakusa in SAII range will generally be better off facing SAI. However, it’s not always true, and personal preference is still more important.

so you didn’t answer my question at all? thanks. lol

I think he just misunderstood/misread it.

You can punish Q’s (and probably other characters’) taunt with SA2.
Also, a bunch of Hugo’s normals that most ppl won’t use.

You’re all missing out the real advantage of SA1, and is probably the main reasons I pick SA1 most of the time myself.

Hit Confirms:

Stand.MP > link SA1
Cr.MK > link SA1
Oroshii -> SA1
Hayate -> link SA1
Cr.LP x 2 -> SA1

Unlike SA2, you don’t have to be inside the corner to land them, which adds to the fear factor. They’ll be more cautious about attacking when you’ve got a full meter.

SAI is good. Real good. But I find that having the threat of a super while being able to use makoto’s sickass EX moves is better. Also, since you have to be on your side of the screen for a SAII to connect, you’re better off being cornered than if you had SAI. The corner is the worst place makoto can be, and having SAII keeps your opponent from pressuring u too much in the corner, and as a result it allows you to keep up a heavier offense (with the option of freely using EX moves), which is where I think makoto has the best chance.

However, its true that you should use SAI if you don’t think that you can land a karakusa.

Vince you left out cr strong in itself from the list

*note before anyone says why not just hit confirm cr strong into st hayate and link super

max range cr strong into strong hayate is very iffy against some characters making fp hayate the only real option… which due to its longer startup isn’t really hit conformable…

**edit again uoh also great hitconfirm

i thought c.strong was only while oppenent was crouched as well as standing roundhouse. lol

yeah, if someone crouches too much and doesnt know u have to block the super high, u can punish them.

If someone jumps toward u after knockin u down, u can do the HK version since it angles better and if they dont parry their screwed.

if u knock someone down and expect them to attack after gettin up, do a hayate (down back LP) into super, but time it right so that they dont hit u first and make sure u in range

If someone does a super on you that moves ur character back, u can do it right after since ur guaranteed range to hit them.

I prefer to combo into the super instead of doin it randomly tho, even though random supers do more damage than comboed supers. Karasuka grab takes away 1/3’ed of the damage of the rest of the combo to super, if im not mistaken