am I missing something?

Sorry if this has been covered but, I searched for a few couldnt find exactly what I wanted so here I am.

I originally bought the MadCatz SE stick. Then I just bought a Sanwa stick/knob and buttons and just swapped them out.

The stick/knob I got is labeled as JLF-TP-8YT-SK OEM and the buttons are SANWA OBSF BUTTONS. All this is meaningless to me as im not a tech person. I know some of you guys know exactly what im talkin about. SO my question is…

I just straight swapped out the stick and buttons, nothing else, it has worked for a good long time… I kinda feel that my buttons are mushy and my stick isnt respond to well anymore. Is the stick/knob I bought a cheap stick or you think it should be fine?

Im wonderin if I should just buy the MadCats TE and get it over with or do I actually have what I need? Im playin my MVC2 more and more and just wanna make sure I got the good stuff. Thanks alot!

they’re probably dirty with sweat and grime. open up the buttons and swab them up.