Am I playing a different game than everyone else?

I’ve been a part of the SF scene for only 2 years, and Marvel even less, but in that time I’ve had these epiphanies; Either I suck at fighting games in general, or I play a vastly different game than what’s on the disk.

I’ll elaborate. Waaaay back in May 2010, I picked up SSF4. I had known about it for the longest time and figured this $40 game would be a great place to finally jump in. Then I learned about EVO after I had been playing off and on for about a year. I dropped the money for a fight stick and practiced for a very solid 10 weeks straight in the lead up to EVO 2011 (I wasn’t expecting to win, but I didn’t wanna lose either). In that 10 weeks I found that I had great difficulty sticking with one, or even two characters, and I also greatly enjoyed forcing opponents out of my space with normals and projectiles. EVO happened, lost my first game, but had fun and watched some seriously great EVO moments be born live, right before my eyes.

Since then, I’ve been trying to level up my game. I’ve watched vids, watched a few streams, digested numerous Tutorial vids on numerous characters, trying to find the one or two I could really stick with, and learning about advanced stuff like frame traps, safe jumps and meaties. So far, it’s only gotten me frustrated, especially in the last couple weeks. I can’t go online because I just get destroyed and get mad, making me not want to play. I know you’re not supposed to get upset when you lose, but I do because I was fairly decent not that long ago! (have a 2000 bp Sagat sitting in Super).

Also, when I watch these top tier fights, or even high level, I go in to training and try to get it down and take it online, only to miss even the most basic and easiest of links (Cody’s xx CU, for example). I’ve stopped doing combos all together online and just use normals and projectiles exclusively; I don’t attempt combos because I don’t wanna drop them and eat a reversal; It gets really old. But, that only does so much for me. I can’t do blockstrings anymore, I still crumble under intense pressure, and I have no idea how to pressure myself still (despite the well-meaning and highly detailed efforts of Raas).

I just am not ready to admit to myself that I suck. I’ve already invested in two stick and numerous hours of practice, off and online. But… I just feel like I’m playing wrong, or incorrectly, when I use only normals and projectiles to simply zone out my opponent instead of going for mixups and combos. So, AM I doing something wrong? Or am I really just that bad?

I don’t know what to tell you since I’m a beginner as well but I had trouble with SF so I tried Tekken and it just felt right so maybe u should try a different game either way good luck with your endeavors.

You sound like me. I’m in the same boat (Or I was…)

  1. Practice. Do what you do but do it more.
  2. Find a Main. Pick a character you enjoy.
  3. Lurk like an absolute monster. Read Frame data. Watch and read guides even more.
  4. Find friends you can play with online and offline. Friends are a TON better than randoms. You learn a lot more in a relaxed environment.
  5. Repeat steps 1, 3 and 4 over and over and over and over and over again,

Go to local, smaller scale tournaments (if possible). Also if you’re playing online, you’ll learn much more from endless than ranked.

just practice more.

if you practice enough, you’ll eventually stop worrying if you suck. usually around the time you stop worrying you suck, you discover you probably don’t. Or at least, only suck a little.

Pick a character you think looks cool or like personality wise. Stick with them.

You will eventually get better.

You really need 2 start doing combos again

They r not essential but if ur telling me that ur punishing blocked dp’s with just a Hp you need 2 start doing some combos.

Everyone gets 2 the stage u r at where it feels like whenever u go online u just get raped but eventually u will be better and u wont even kno it. U will just start winning one day and u wont even kno wat has happened.

Sigh It’s very difficult to take someone serious when I see that much chat speak in a single post.

1.Pick one character
2. Go to regional matchmaking and find a weekly offline session
3. Practice combo’s in matches. You will drop them alot, but you will never be able to execute unless you keep practicing.
4. Be good at blocking

hmm. xx CU isn’t a link - its a cancel. This is…an enlightening phrase.

Too be frank, you probably are doing something wrong - at the core of things being able to maximize dmg is a rather important aspect of FGs. Some chars can get away SOMEWHAT with very simple combos, but for the most part that’s the base of the base. Some chars can also get away with being very limited in offense, but I don’t think that’s the only issue here…I’m thinking you may have jumped into advanced concepts instead of letting them grow organically which is confusing your gameplay. It’s a bit too difficult to litmus this in text so I think you should find someone who understands and have him point it out or failing that post some vids and we can check it out for you.

Meh, same diff. Was thinking of the whole combo in my head instead of putting it down (c.LPx2, c.MP xx CU)

true true, whats in a name

I didn’t mean to harp on that point - the most important aspect is that you figure out what you’re doing wrong. FGs aren’t a complicated thing, but they are very oblique - mostly because there’s no good training mode for these things. I had a teacher when I started and I think its very helpful to have someone explain the more unseeable aspects - So I still advise a more hands on approach or a vid if not.

You can’t play SF4 without combos.

You aren’t doing setups right if you’re losing to randoms online. Spend more time in training and less online.

You could be contradicting yourself subconsciously. Why are you playing Cody if you greatly enjoy forcing opponent out with projectiles? You should be playing characters like Guile, Ryu and Sagat instead. In fact, Guile is the character most suited to this.

You don’t have to win using difficult combos with some characters e.g Guile. He doesn’t even need any of his ultra to win any of his matchups. And neither does he need frametraps. Sagat, to a certain is rather similiar to Guile but a little more dependent on ultras. Sure Cody can play like Guile waiting for people to walk in and throw a stone to keep him out or zoning your opponent, but that’s not where he shines.

If you wanna level up in terms of execution/frametraps, then don’t play online. Or at least only play on green connections. Aside from execution, I think you need more experience with the game itself too. Choosing a character you like would also give you more motivation on the little intricacies of the character which is important if you wanna get better.

You’d be happier playing SF2 if you enjoy footsies and zoning more than spinning the roulette wheel and hit confirming combos off jabs.

c.LP, c.MP isn’t an easy link. It’s 2 frames.

Just use the c.LP, c.LK link. It’s 4 frames - almost impossible to miss.

Your trying to run before you can walk. If your dropping combos you haven’t practiced them enough. You are probably reading too much into the game and therefore ignoring the simple basics in your fights. Stop worrying about frame data and high level play and start focusing on improving your basic defense and offense.

1: Picking a character you enjoy and who seems to do what you want when you want, you really need to start using a select few of the cast so you can learn matchups and the intricacies of that character. If a character clicks with you ignore tier lists etc and play as that character… at least until your game improves.

2: Learn a punish combo and practice it until you can do it blindfolded, backwards and upside down. If your opponent misses a shroryuken (for example) you should be able to pull the trigger with this combo and be confident you wont mess it up.

3: Practice defense, from being patient to anti airing.

Just trying to help

Do you play on XBL? Regardless of PS3, Xbox or PC or offline it’s always good to have someone around your skill level learning with you. Getting bodied all the time by people who are higher up on the ladder is frustrating and kills your will to play pretty easily.

I have much of the same problem! What I’ve noticed, is that, like many have already said, you NEED to pick a character that you like and stick with them, regardless of what teh interwebs may think the “top tier” characters are for whatever version you might be playing. For me on SSF4AE2012 (what a fucking acronym!) it happens to be Blanka. I just love the way he is able to move around and all of the various ways he is able to launch himself at you, whether in the air, on the playing field, or right at your feet. He is also absolutely hated by many, which makes me love him that much more.

Without going into too much of how I love Blanka, I notice that even when I stop playing him for a couple days and pick up someone else that I also like (Honda, Bison, Juri, whomever), that I will just simply forget a lot of his options, moves, combos, setups, etc. I will horribly lose a fight and then think to myself “Why in the FUCK did I not ______ when he/she _____?? I missed such an easy punish! GAH!” Jumping around from character to character negates your ability to assess your favorite character’s matchup (again, regardless of what teh interwebs may say) and you stop building on your knowledge base.

Here are my recommendations:

  1. Pick a character.
  2. Stick with that character.
  3. Watch matchup videos either on Youtube or the in-game video thingy for matchups that you seem to have trouble with.
  4. Watch ANY AND ALL tutorial videos that you can find for your fav character
  5. Rinse/Repeat.
  6. Add me on PSN: Chaos242
  7. Play me tonight. Connect your headset and let’s practice!

Wait, you entered evo not knowing about frame traps or meaties?

Well I think a playstyle you enjoy playing is a lot more important than simply liking the characters design. There are character designs I much prefer to Akumas, yet I don’t find any of them to be as enjoyable to play.