Am I Playing Chun Right?



ok…basically my game is this:

walk back and forth, never jumping in
opponent misses attack = a fierce punch to the face or a throw or a c. mk xx sa2
i throw whenever i get the chance
fierce punch pokes
back fierce, fierce, or back +mk against any jump ins
when swept or thrown or whatever and the opponent is close i ex spinning bird kick(not all the time though)
c. mk xx sa2
i never combo

thats it. am i missing something? i don’t want to be flashy i just want to win. is there anything i should be doing to help reach my goal? thx.

also is there anyway to help me with the timing of knowing when the c. mk has connected or not connected so it won’t be a guessing game as to if i should follow up with a xx sa2 or a block?


You shouldn’t be using back mk as an AA o_O. Back fierce, far fierece, air-throw, going low with (against a parrier), Back +mp (catches some parriers off guard), Back fierce to lightning legs, etc. Don’t ex SBK so much, its usually better just to save your meter for SA2. ex sbk is good some times. Chun’s sweep is good. S.rh stops throws and superjump cancels into super, mix that up with kara throwing. Well basically your a scrub chun haha. Jumping in isn’t all bad sometimes. Jumping is very useful vs chars like Makoto. Learn to hit confirm sa2 every time. Learn to SA2 whiffed laggy moves on reaction, sa2 shoto sweeps on reaction, etc. Chun isn’t as simple as people think she is. To hit-confirm buffer the motion as you press s.rh super is VERY important to learn. Learn matchups. Use solid mixups after the 1st SA2. Use chuns kara throw (far, or close s.rh) How good your chun is is usually how good your footsies are, how good you are at guessing (throw mixups), and how good you are at hit confirming. If you’re not good at these things drop chun. You just sound inexperienced though.


thanks for the advice, i appreciate it.:slight_smile:
i’ll be using it. oh-yeah, i did just pick up 3s. just trying to learn the game and get good at it. so yeah, this will help. thanks.

i’ve been watching some matches on the evo dvd of ricky and justin. seeing how they play, and trying to learn from it. learn why they do what they do, etc. i’ve also been trying to find other footage of chun.