Am i playing umvc3 wrong?

Well im a ssf4 player and i like playing lame but then rush down when i want dee jay was my main , but anyway how do i approach this game ive been playing for about a month now and i still dont really know how to beat noobs especially when they pick characters like wesker of course imma noob but its really frustrating losing to someone whos just doing stuff and then gets a hit and lands into a damaging combo i understand the game but i just dont know what to do in certain situations say my team is nova frank and hawkeye and im facing a wesker with a beam assist and were both really just trying to get in and start our mixup but were doing at the same time its so weird lol i like countering things but i really just cant in this game do to assist if anyone know s what im trying to say help ! lol cause idk what im trying to say really

You just need more gameplay & practice. Even as a MVC2 veteran for many years, it was a big adjustment to UMVC3’s playstyle and i’m still learning.

Most of the info you can find here.

don’t underestimate advancing guard, once I picked up a few techniques with this the birthday presents wouldn’t stop flooding in

UMvC3 is a lot like Reese’s. There’s no WRONG way to play Ultimate MvC3. Be it filling the screen with crap, getting someone with the same trick over and over, using an extremely long combo, using a battery and abusing meter. Anything you’re good at in any fighting game can pretty much be exploited in this game.