Am I retarded? (SF4)


I just got SSFIV AE today at gamestop and I’ve been trying the trials. I can’t do any of the trials that aren’t ridiculously easy (like the first 4 or 5). For instance, I’m on Cody’s 7th mission. lp > mp. TWO BUTTONS. Can’t do it for the life of me. Am I the only one on earth with this problem? Thanks

By the way, I’m using the standard xbox controller.


I’m guessing with 1 post and joining 4 minutes ago that SSF4 is your first game? Don’t worry about it, that lp > mp is a link. Look up ‘links’ somewhere in Newbie Dojo, the best I can describe them is that they are attacks that you have to wait for the 1st one to fully recover then the 2nd one will come out after and still hit.

To figure out the timing though, if the dummy blocks you hit the 2nd button you hit the button too late if your 2nd button doesn’t come out you hit it too early. Links are tough for new people, I’m not very good at them myself to be completely honest.


Here’s a pro-tip when learning moves that a LOT of people don’t know - and I’m NOT a SF4 player at all, and I noticed this…

When you hit your opponent, take a look at their life bar. You’ll see a spark or something move from one end to the other. THAT is the timing indicator. Hit the jab, and you’ll see it quickly move from one side to the other. RIGHT BEFORE IT GETS TO THE OTHER SIDE, hit strong.

I double tap all my buttons because I’m old school, but you can “plink” them too. I’m not the best person to explain plinking, but it’s in the FAQs


Notice that little spark that’s on Dan’s health bar that travels from the timer to his face. Also notice that the player will hit the button just as the spark gets to his face?
Yep, that’s the timer.


You aren’t retarded your just green around the ears. Most people can’t even do cancels in the first week of their first fighting games, let alone properly execute a link


Well this isn’t my first fighting game. I’ve played MK9 and Injustice, but everyone and their mother can be at least half decent at those games (and to be honest I wasn’t too great at either them haha). Thank you guys for answering, and I’ll try to use that health bar spark thing, MixahLot


So in other words…
It’s your first fighting game?


dont use “retarded” that way.
havent you heard professional athletes speak?


Dont do the health bar thing, you won’t be able to use it in an actual match. Instead do what exodus said.
If the link doesn’t come out you pressed it too fast, and if the dummy blocks you pressed it too slow.


I disagree. I think it should be practiced that way until the muscle memory from doing it correctly so many times starts to set in. At least for someone who doesnt have much experience with linking. I’ve actually never noticed that health bar thing and i plan to experiment with it later

But the “if it doesnt come out = too fast/ if it got blocked = too slow” is standard execution tuning

Lol yeah pretty much that.


Hah, I never noticed that health bar thing until now…


The health bar thing is urban legend. It has nothing to do with either hit stun or recovery. I don’t know why we still have people talking about it when the idea was disproved five years ago.


I thought this thread was going to be a poll when I saw the subject and was getting ready to vote

on topic there is timing involved, you just can’t press MP right after light punch, you may want to watch some videos on youtube to get the timing down. SirMixAlot posted an excellent one. Anything from Vesperarcade will be helpful

Good luck!


This may help:

In short, links are hard because you have to let Move 1 complete and have to start Move 2 in a very short timing window usually. Nothing to be ashamed of, they just require a lot of practice to hit consistently.


If SF4 is a legitimate fighting game then Injustice is legitimate++, as it succeeded in many areas where Capcom has failed with SF4.


You took my troll too seriously man… Too seriously.
If it ain’t Super Turbo, I don’t take any fighting game seriously.


You aren’t retarded. That game itself is retarded , lol.
I am a ST player so i know execution , and SF4 just makes 0 sense to me. Everything about it is just “off”.
It’s like i will actually struggle to link a cr mk into a fireball since i have to slow my inputs down by ALOT.
Also… With the exception of top lvl play i think it’s one of the few fg’s that reward buttonmashing.

I firmly believe that SF4 was and is targeted/aimed at casulz.
Don’t flag me plz.

edit :

That’s my broken tier dictator giving you SF4 in a nutshell.


Linking a into a fireball? Uh, what?


The dude’s right, even if he used the wrong term. I’m sure he meant cancel.

I’m going to be the devil’s advocate here for a second and say something about SF4…
It’s like the game Othello… Takes minutes to learn, a lifetime to master. Why do I say this? The random nonsense that happens, NOT like the above video, which was obvious what would happen (I’m talking about unblockables, and random shit like Ultra animations taking so long, the player that got the hit loses by some time out nonsense) makes it a very difficult game to master.
The game accomplished its goal: Give casuals something they can button mash to and give players that want to learn something complex to learn. The game has its flaws, but no game doesn’t.

I’m just going to say it like this: The game’s a good game, but not for me. Not for me at all.


Saying sf4 is targeted at casuals doesn’t make you a hater or a troll, it makes you right


You are smart enough to understand what i ment but yet you are willing to intentionally look clueless.

But just in case… You know Ryu? The japanese guy who dosen’t really look like jap? You know…Fireballs coming out of everywhere and what not.
He has a crouching medium-lvl-damage kick that he can combo with a fireball. Making it a 2 hit combo.

Sequence : -> fireball

And from what i know , if you aren’t linking things … You aren’t doing any combos either.
I hope you are pleased with this response son.