Am I set to play WOW?

Here’s my system information according to dxdiag:


Amd Athalon 64 3300+, MMX, 3Dnow, ~2.4GHZ

Memory: 384MB Ram (I thought I had 512)


Sis 760

Aprox total memory:128 mb

I’m thinking of getting a new video card, my SIS card can’t even run Counter Strike or THE SIMS 2! Maybe I need more ram, I hear it can get pretty hecktic with a lot of people sometimes.

you need more ram 512mb is the bare minimum for modern games, other wise it will be a pain. Since your on AMD 64 the kind of ram you want is PC3200 also known as ddr400. Since I take it this isn’t a custom built system just get the generic crap ram as the performance ram won’t matter unless ALL the ram is performance and you plan to tinker around in the bios (and if your asking these kinds of questions that’s beyond your level). However 1gb ram is the standard amount now for gaming, if you can afford it go that route, you can find ram really cheap if you go the value ram route. A gig is under 100 bucks now in the speed you want if you shop around.

Also your vid card blows ass. WoW isn’t that video intensive compared to moder games, but it’s MUCH worse then CS or the sims. Great bargin video cards currently are the 6600gt (about 130 will run wow very well and just about any other game only issue would be Quake4 or FEAR), or an ati 9800pro.

The key is to figure out if your motherboard has a PCIE lane, or AGP for graphics. This defines what socket it has open for a video card and what you should buy. The way to check is look up your motherboard, open the bios and check, or open up the PC and check. It’s important because the 6600gt comes in both pcie and AGP so you MUST buy the one that fits in your motherboard.

512 RAM will make WoW run like shit. Less than 512 will make it unplayable. I’d recommend a gig. for the fastest shipping/cheapest deals in ram :wgrin:

You guys are super.

Thanks for the input, more is welcome!!!

I play with 512 Ram on my desktop, and WoW runs smooth for me. Shrugs

And get back to GC Akzidenz. :razz:

Really? Weird. Even in raids/BGs/cities?

I’m done with GC for now… my Yumeji FAQ is lost forever, which is disheartening enough, but I also just don’t have any local comp for Tenka. I can only fight the AI so many times before the game gets boring.

yeah your processor seems fine… since its not a sempron… but you definetly need like a better video card forsure…

Kyoji is right that you can run that game with a 512 fine… because if you have an awesome video card it makes up for everything in that game… i just started playing wow and i dont have an awesome setup but my video card is a 6800 Ultra from nvidia and thats all that reallly matters… i just need more ram for when i want to play F.E.A.R

good luck man

Like the others have said, don’t even bother trying to play WoW without a massive RAM upgrade - a gig runs WoW like a champ and doesn’t cost much.

The real problem I see here is that your video is coming from the mainboard by way of a shitty Mirage 2 video chipset. WoW doesn’t like crappy video chipsets, so you’re probably going to have a lot of problems with the video, but the game will probably still be playable. If I were you I’d try getting a demo account and trying it out before buying it to be sure you can run it, because if you can’t, you’re going to need a new motherboard and a new video card to stick in the new motherboard.

512 on my second pc makes wow run like crap. My main box has 2 gigs and its smooth as can be. I had my friend over and he was on the 2nd pc and watching him in Ironforge is painful.

I plan on getting a 1 gb stick, and a video card one of these days.

Can I use my 512 stick along with my 1gb stick? Someone told me it makes it slower.:wonder:

How do I know if my motherboard is good enough to fuck!? corny I know

yes you can use it with it, and it “can” make it slower.

Your memory will only run at the slowest speed of all the sticks, which is why it’s critical to make sure it’s ddr400/pc3200 which is the optimal speed of memory for your standard amd 64.

the other issue is dual channel. For all intel P4’s, and some amd 64’s the memory can run in dual channel which effectively doubles the performance (in theory). To run in dual channel you must have either 2, or 4 sticks of memory and they must be placed in the right slots.

So if you go from 2 to 3 sticks of ram, and knock yourself out of dual channel you might have more ram for large tasks, but take a severe speed/performance hit.

Dual channel is more of an intel thing anyways, amd doesn’t see as much of a performance boost from it.

The other issue would be overclocking. For large over clocks you need very good ram, but if you are asking what to buy you probably won’t be doing that anyways.

As for your motherboard there is no way to know how good it is unless you know what model it is. But for your needs at the moment all you really need to know is if it’s AGP based, or PCIE based.


And sad to hear that, but hopefully you should know that you were not the only one to be affected by the forum reset (I so hate my webhosting nowadays). However, even though that was a huge stepbackward, we can still rebuild, which what we are doing at a good pace currently. And don’t give up on Tenka, I know I haven’t, hell I started to get really into the game now (and currently trying to get my local community into it), moreso than HNK and XI, altho DR can get in the way, but that’s different. :looney:

Yeah… I just desparately need some comp. And at the same time, I’m graduating in May, so the next few months are probably going to be the most hellish of my life. Maybe once I graduate I can start working on that comp-finder idea I’d been talking about.

I know for sure that all the card sockets on my motherboard are AGP.

I’m hardware illiterate. I don’t know jack about it…

So I need the following:

A 1 gb stick (ddr400/pc3200)
A good AGP Videocard

Will a ddr400/pc3200 ram type work on my motherboard?

I really wish I paid attention in my A+ certification class in high school.

Wait not all the card sockets are ever one type of anything. If it’s an AGP based system then odds are you have ONE agp slot (should be the top and a different color then the others) and 3-4 pci slots under it.

As for your ram. AMD 64 works on DDR and ddr400/pc3200 is the exact speed that AMD 64 is rated for. Simply buy the ram, slap it in the slot and off you go ;).

GOOD agp vid cards for 3d games break down into a couple price points. 6600gt is a good buy at about 130, at the 250 mark you have the 6800gs, and at the 300+ mark you have the x850xt or 7800gs. For WoW the 6600gt is more then enough.

But with those two upgrades you should be fine.

how’s that for ram?


^ a user reports getting 20fps playing WOW. I don’t want 20 FPS!

Are these the same?

I really want to thank you all for helping me out guys. I REALLY WANT TO PLAY WOW LOL.

The ram is fine and corsair is a good brand. Check how many slots open you have and then get what will fit in.

Yes those two BFG 6600gt cards are the same.

As for getting 20 fps on wow, that doesn’t add up honestly. Since a friend of mine has that card and it runs WoW fine, and get’s more then 20fps in Doom3/Quake4 both of which are a hell of a lot more demanding on your video card.

If you have a bit of extra cash you can look into the 6800 128mb, 6800gt, 6800gs. All are faster, and the 6800gt/gs cards are overkill for wow but you will get great FPS at good resolutions and high details.

I bought the eVGA Geforce 6600GT and a ram stick.

Do I need a better power supply for this?

Possibly a pci fan?

I’m also going to play CS 1.6 on 800x600 and/or 1024x(??) resolution, but cs 1.6 is pretty old so I guess I won’t need it. I want to know if this card might fry if I play WOW.

And thanks for the info silentdeath11. :wgrin:

I can tell you now, WoW doesn’t need a whole lot of power to run.

I run on

1.12ghz AMD Duron
574mb ram (512 and a 62mb ram stick I found…lol)
ATi Radeon 9200 video card

I run at all the lowest settings, 1280x1024 screen resolution, and I go about 15-30 FPS, sometimes lower depending on where I am (Ogrimmar/Ironforge) and etc.
I’m sure with your specs, you’ll be runnin over 40 FPS, so you really won’t need a RAM upgrade.

Just wondering, is the PC you got an HP? Cuz the specs look exactly like my friends 8 year old brothers PC that they just got for him, and when he plays WoW, he goes about 40-60 FPS, depending on where he goes.