Am I SOL? (Notebook issue)

Long story short my notebook is on the floor and my nephew jumps off my bed and lands on it. Ok so I immediately check for damage to the notebook and there isn’t any so I then proceed to turn it on and…there’s this huge streak of white/black/rainbow shit across the bottom of the screen. It’s always there no matter what the notebook does. I can see through the top-half of the screen but nothing on the bottom due to the crap that appeared and you can even see it when the notebook is turned off.

So I call HP and I tell them that my LCD is fucked and that I’m under warranty. Obviously I left the part out where my nephew Bison Head Stomped the damn thing but the HP customer service rep asked me if there was any cracks/damage to the screen and I said there wasn’t any cause there really isn’t. So she gives me a case number and tells me that I need to send it in. She said that the warranty will only cover it if there’s no damage to the notebook and if it’s an internal problem.

What are my chances of just getting the LCD replaced w/out them calling me up talking bout “you need to pay $xxx.xx in order to get it fixed”. I ask because I remember fucking up my cell and they swore up and down that they wouldn’t replace it if there was water damage done to it but even though I said there wasn’t there was and when I sent it in they still ended up replacing it. I’m hoping that will happen in this case LOL anybody have some similiar experience?

i think its going to be a bit harder for this one cause its kinda obvious something happened to the lcd screen if it displays like that. If its the lcd at fault it usually wont turn on or it will just have lines or just display black with red green and blue on it. the white is probably going to kill the warranty for you but i would still send it in since you dont have anything to lose. if worse comes to worse they wont repair the lcd i guess.

you could get lucky with hp but the chances are pretty unlikely


They don’t care enough and will replace it without checking, seems possible being HP.

They find the damage send it back.

either way you’re no off than you had started, send it in anyway. I’ve had sony replace and out of warranty PS2 that had fallen of a shelf. Sometimes companies just dont care enough to check.

Yep learned that Notebooks computers dont belong of the floor. Also learned that beverages must always stay 10 feet away from Notebook computers.

Argh, good luck with that. I’ve had my fair share of notebook woes and I’ve steered clear of them since then. Maybe you’ll get lucky and they’ll fix it for you.

Don’t worry bout your notebook, just play marvel and everything will be all better!