Am I the greatest Street Fighter player of all time?


I think so, and here is the proof. Im the Ken player. I’m considering opening a donation paypal account and making training videos.





First off, you fought Honda, arguably one of the worst characters in the game.

Secondly, you did it with Ken, who is notably devoid of depth. I play him myself as one of my subs, and he is no Gen, Juri, or any charge character. Deejay has more depth and complexity of playstyle than Ken.

Third, you jump a fucking ton. I wouldnt advise that any body take advice from you.

Fourth, your neutral game is ass. You sit there crouch blocking while in a prime poking range. It’s called crouching forward.

Only redeeming part of the video is that your opponent was named Super Kami Guru. Other than that, fuck off.