Am I the last bronze league player left?


As the title suggests, im currently ranked at Ultra Bronze and I haven’t seen anyone ranked below Silver in weeks.

I played for around 3 hours yesterday and got matched against several Platinums and Golds. I feel like I can hold my own but I tend to lose eventually especially going best of three.

Anyone else had this issue? Have all the “noobs” at bronze rank or lower quit the game and it’s now just me against the world?


All the bronze players are lining up to fight me apparently.


I am ultra bronze. I don’t see many others.


Deep inside we are all bronze players


Thats deep man haha


It must be equally annoying for high rank players to be mismatched I suppose.


floating between 1000 and 1500 points so i’m still bronze


I’m ultra bronze as well


There are definitely more people ranking up. 1000LP used to be enough for a top 100,000 ranking worldwide, now it’s closer to 160,000 it seems. I’m Super Bronze after switching characters again but am mostly paired with Silver and up players these days. I’m in the same boat as you, I can hang in there and be competitive against them but still end up losing. Don’t mind much though, that’s how I’ve been getting better.


Considering that a bunch of people over Silver have the opposite problem of being matched exclusively against bronze players it can’t be that there are less bronze players. Their matchmaking threshold is effed up or there’s some kind of MMR that isn’t adjusting itself correctly


Last of the Bronzehicans.


Squeezed in a few games before work this morning and got matched against the following

Silver L-W-L
Super Platinum L-L
Gold L-L
Super Silver L-W-W
Bronze W-L-W


I’m Super Silver and keep getting matched with Bronzes.

There is one bronze player in the battle lounge. All he does is stay in the battle lounge ALL FUCKING DAY! He plays Laura and Birdie, his Birdie fucking sucks but his Laura will body you.


I see very few bronzes and I’m BARELY silver. I sit exactly at 2020 because I don’t do ranked anymore. It’s fun though, because I’m sure all the people with lots more LP tend to underestimate my abilities then I beat them even though they have a lot more LP than me.


Just keep playing and keep practicing. Every loss is a learning experience. Don’t pay too much attention to points because they really don’t matter. Give it some commitment and you will level up sooner than later.


That’s right.

Because learning and getting better>>>Points.

Once you learn the game and get better the points come naturally.


Is his name Mike by accident?



I forgot his CFN ID. Also, what the fuck is up with the site?


Maybe they wanted SRK to be closer to the original SFV experience.


You dont deserve to be super silver