Am I the one that think Shadow WoS is the greatest fighter ever made?

I mean seriously…this game is WAAAY deeper than 3s and VF5 combined! Not to mention the incredibly beautful graphics.



Looks better than 3S

Fuck Sf4 and KofXII. This is the greatest 2D fighter ever!

Not the 3DO games! Anything but the 3DO games! That being said, the 3DO M2 was actually a decent piece of hardware.

Riggs looks toptier with his fullscreen invisible throw, rolling “sonic the hedgehog” fireball and 1 frame invincible teleport.

I agree, Riggs looks pretty broken. Definetely going to get banned in tourney play.

(What in the bloody hell is he doing in that winpose?)

Tatoo Assasins is still the best fighting game ever.

I never get tired of watching those fatalities. All 894,324 of them.

Link plz.



EDIT: Lol, beaten ^

Those win poses are what get me. Doing backflips IN PLACE.


LICK JOE = Superior

Came for the troll.
Stayed for the lol.


OK, I actually wanna play this.

Oh wow. NUDALITIES even.

A hamburger fatality!!! You sir, have sold me. Capcom has nothing on fast food finishing moves.

Okay, I came in here to tell people to fuck off and then laughed my ass off. Sadly this is one of the better threads lately.

I think my brain is bleeding

aint got shit on SURVIVAL ARTS

I blew my nose and it came out red and I knew something was going wrong. :sad: