Am I the only one seeing nobody tech roll in this game?

Whenever I see competitive play, especially in tournament play, I see everybody doing the old ae thing where you just stand up. Why is this?

how do you tech roll? :smiley:

when your in a hard knockdown you hold left or right and then you roll in that direction

Are you kidding? I do it more then half the time. Considering most opponents tend to always get right next to me when I’m knocked down, the tech roll’s *very *useful.

I know it’s useful, its just that nobody does it.

It’s because at high levels people are looking to punish the rolls so they just lay down in place. They still roll, but doing it everytime you get knocked down is leaving you open. You can be hit again into another combo or your character can be killed. Whenever I do play online I do this to a lot of people who always roll on wakeup, free wins. Part of the metagame on wakeup is making the aggresor have to guess which direction you will rolls. A lot of the time if they think you are going to roll forward they may jump back. If you don’t roll forward then they will reset the situation. However if they jump toward you and you roll forward it does reset the situation. Right now jump backs are the common way to punish rolls but don’t be surprised if there are post knockdown Oki tech traps that covers 2 or 3 options.

You may also note that a lot of top player don’t alway quick rise in sf4. This is berserk their opponent is trying setup crossups and staying grounded oftentimes throw their timing off. Part of what is called okizime. I believe it will become very important in this game

Understandable train of thought there, but weren’t rolls confirmed as 100% safe?

From what I read, yes. It seems you can block right out of them.

I don’t tech roll cause I forget they’re in this game. I imagine this is true for a lot of players (but probably not top players). I don’t do it cause I’m slow on the uptake of new mechanics, not sure what other players reasons are.

I don’t think it makes much difference though. Tech rolling takes time and gives the other player opportunity to respond (via mixup or just continuing pressure), as they would if they woke up normally. I see a lot of decent players using tech rolls to get out of a corner but invariably I’d imagine you’d want use it for positioning rather than as a get out of jail free card. As such there’s a lot of reasons not to roll.

It doesn’t matter. Rolls are only useful if you can escape pressure with them. If you predict a roll you can still keep your opponent under pressure. So they really don’t serve much purpose. Plus I think in this game you will eventually get him if you get pressuredong enough and the damage is pretty good too. So its not a good idea to always roll. Only you’re sure your opponent is going to try to persist you and you’re sure you can escape.

The optimal use for the recovery lunge, in my eyes anyway, is getting away from people who like to jump every time you’re down; this goes doubly for (and is usually due to) characters who have a sort of blind spot directly above them, in the immediate short term anyhow (e.g. Abel, Kuma.)

When you get the pressuredong, it’s practically guaranteed you’ll be getting him, or at least, someone.

Don’t forget you can only roll foward.

Umm… Some of the responses here confuse me… there’s no “which direction you roll,” there’s only a forward roll or standup. Secondly, this isn’t KOF where rolls are punishable. The best you can do is setup an ambiguous crossup if you know they’re gonna roll. Or I catch a lot of people with a throw for some reason. It seems after people roll it’s not what they’re expecting.

youd be surprised at how little people rolled in mvc2 as well at first. it will catch on soon enough

You catch a lot of people because they roll and press buttons. A lot of people roll and press jab so they get caught by jump backs or throws. I catch rollers with sweeps a lot.

You can only roll forward in this game.

Pretty sure he meant left or right depending on which direction you’re facing.

Hello. I’m new here.

In my opinion, forward rolling is quite unsafe against most high level players. You’re going to get punished 8 times out of 10 if you don’t understand using tech rolling to avoid pressure like many people have said before.

Rolling is useful if you only use it now and then, can catch some people off guard. Like the post above said, gd way to get away from a jump in

The way I figure is that if they predict the roll, your opponent can take advantage of it and do ambiguous cross-ups and it just puts you in a very unfamiliar wake-up state against a player who knows how to take advantage of it. I think I heard on stream James Chen was saying Floe or Justin Wong thought it was the worst thing you could do on wake-up which is interesting.

I think until people are really sure of the length of the roll its a bit risky because its going to be very hard to see where the crossup hits. Crossups are ambiguous in this game as is, but they’re even harder to block when you’re not sure where you’ll end up entirely.