Am I the only one that didn't really enjoy SSBM?

I just don’t see the appeal that this game has; perhaps I am missing some element of the game that makes it overall enjoyable?

Drugs. And lots of them. :tup:

Well, it’s just completely different from any other fighting game out there. If you try to play it the same as say, 3s or KoF, you’re gonna miss out on a lot of the very unique aspects of the game, and probably not get the proper amount of enjoyment from it. Just play it casually at first with friends etc. to get the general feel for things, and if you feel like moving into a competitive level, you pretty much have to see and experience it first-hand in order to understand it. DI, wavedashing, L-cancelling, etc. will only make the game more enjoyable if you know what you’re doing before learning to use them.

I guess simply put, just open your eyes a bit wider to the game. Don’t limit yourself to how you’ve played fighters in the past, just let loose and experiment.

OMG, not again…

Look, if you don’t like the game, that is totally fine, but SSBM is an amazing game. I beg you please, please, PLEASE don’t go out of your way to trash this game here after I’ve spent so much time and energy trying to enhance it’s image…


Look through these threads, maybe you’ll find the game is a bit more interesting than you originally thought:

(if we’re going to do this, I BEG of you people to speak of the game objectively)

I can’t stand it, personally.

I’ll be the first to admit that my disliking of it doesn’t mean it’s a bad game. Hell, maybe it owns and is deeper than VF and nobody knows it, not even the Japanese.

whats SSBM?
edit: ok, just do a quick search, so this is Super Smash Bro Mallee? i never interested in the game…i always thought it was cartoony type of fighting game just for fun…is this game even that seriously for fighting?

If you’re really interested, look through those threads. It’s definitely not as deep as VF but it’s definitely as deep or deeper than most fighting games, and I’d argue it’s technically the hardest fighting game out there to play at high levels.


There is a pretty big Japanese SSBM community, with skills at least even with the top American players. There’s a big rivalry thing that’ll happen towards the end of the summer to decide who’s truly on top.

What kind of crack have you been smoking? Its a nice little action figthing game but so is powerstone. What “most fighting games” are you talking about? Ballz and Way of the Warrior?

Yeah, and the ignorance shines it’s way through. I’m not gonna do this again. Believe what you want, because I’ve learned not to expect SRK members that don’t actually play the game competitively to possibly understand.

Your very description of the game illuminates your ignorance towards it.


If you dont have 4 friends that dont suck at the game and play you often, its gonna be hard to love this game, i always had mad friends who played this 4 player with me, and they got good, and its hella fun when your bored and wanna rock it , sock it with your buds.

FFA is hardly a reason to play this game. There’s an incredible amount of depth once you get into the game that isn’t readily apparent on the surface.

What he said.

I hear alot of people talk about how “kiddie” this game is.

I’d like people to know that I’m 21 years old. I don’t like “kiddie” games. I love Nintendo’s characters, but I don’t like their games nearly as much. SSBM is the only Nintendo developed game I own on the Cube. Just like many of you, when I heard about this game being taken seriously, I thought about that as a serious joke. Just like most of you, I viewed this game as a silly little 4 player party game that you fucked around with with your friends on the couch while getting drunk. All that changed in a heartbeat, when I stumbled onto one day and realized I didn’t know shit about this game. No average “kid” is gonna be able to wrap their brain around this game at a high level.

This is the only fighting game I’ve been playing seriously for almost a year and I still can’t get all the advanced techniques down to a T. The game is so addictive becasue it’s such a serious challenge. This is coming from a 21 year old adult who played nothing but 3s and Soul Calibur before this game came along. You people only owe it to yourselves to dig deeper into this game. I can only tell you you have no clue as to what you’re missing.


I didn’t go out of my way to ‘trash’ the game as you put it. I simply asked if I was missing any aspects of gameplay that would help it be more enjoyable. But thank you fo the advice regarding thread viewings.

I thought SSBM was alright, its something I would play in spurts but nothing I enjoyed that much. I would play it if friends were over but thats about it.

I can’t stand the game and i hate it so much. It has nothing to do with it being kiddie or having nintendo characters, i just find it boring as hell. Mario kart > SSBM

I bought it when it came out…I did enjoy using Link and Roy and Marth. The game was made pretty good, with the encyclopedia and all those enhancements in the game. The challenges were hard though (like beating a hundred or those wire people). Eventually I got tired of it and sold it; now I kind of want to try it again lol.

i enjoyed the first smash brothers more than the second.

It’s probably because you just never tried to give it a chance. It is very dissimilar from other fighting games because of the engine, among other things, and I’ve seen many people disregard it subconsciously or consciously because they weren’t used to it and didn’t look for the vast amount of depth in it. I’ve personally played the game for more than 1400 hours of real time, and I’m still learning new things every week. There’s just so much in there that people can be easily blinded to if they don’t attempt to look into it.