Am I the only one that uses Jaguar Avalanche as main Ultra?

The general consensus; even for players that dont play adon that much, is that U2 should be chosen instead of U1. Why? simply because you can fadc rj into it. The thing is that the damage scaling is pretty bad if adon uses his U2 in a fadc combo. You get maybe an extra s.fierce damage if you compare it to just using an ex rj.
In my experience, I never could connect U2 on a heated match, but when I switched to U1, oh boy … then the ultras were hitting like nothing. What is better is that since U1 is useless in a fadc combo, you get all the hits from the ultra without damage scaling. If an opponent is very low health you can use it to beat him with cheap damage and from more than half away a screen. Its very easy to use it on reaction against fireballs, and also you can use it as a way to escape a crossup when you are under pressure.
Any U1 users here?

Jaguar avalanche is u2, not u1. In my opinion, u1 is good for honda, blanka, t hawk, sagat, ryu, juri, gouken, dhalsim, and seth. All other matchups will probably be better met with u2.

U2 is also a kick ass AA for people that mis-time jumps. You can also get Avalanche off a toof. Also something like s.fierce > c.jab xx lk rising jag FADC u2 does some pretty good damage and is an easy as hell hit confirm. Also, if shotos have two bars stocked they can easy bait and fadc their FBs and body you if you’re not careful.

Depends on who you are playing really, the person and their character.

I use Ultra 1 on characters i know that will be fireball heavy (except guile, his recovery is too fast) or anyone that i know i can punish a move with. Ryu, Sagat, Rose, sometimes Akuma, sometimes Ken, sometimes Gouken, Blanka, Honda, and maybe T. Hawk.

Anyone else, U2

I’m trying to play more defensive footsie based adon. U1 helps out with letting me play on the ground footsies because the other player wont throw projectiles when you have it. Other than projectile characters and the characters who have alot of special moves that are punishable by U1, I use U2. If I don’t know who they are going to pick I go with U1. I’d rather risk not getting the extra damage and be able to punish fireballs so I can play my ground game with normals and Jks. Plus, U1 looks cooler and does a ton of damage. Punishing whiffed upper cuts with raw u1 is so fulfilling :smokin:

this really didn’t need a thread lol…

I don’t pick U1 vs honda as he can easily fake you with MP headbutt which looks the same as HP. Punishing fullscreen HP headbutts is not a top priority so I stick with U2. I don’t pick U1 against shotos because adon has already many options VS fireballs, so people don’t fireball that much. I should probably try it eventually but the matchups where you could discourage things (blanka balls, fireballs) you can already discourage pretty well enough. Maybe I should experiment more but it doesn’t nook like it’s worth the sacrifice.

i am almost exclusively a U1 user. The versatility is awesome…really forces shotos to relearn the game. Against akumas that spam the downward air fireball, I love doing FF and straight into a quick U1. The execution window is really small, but the reward is super high. Also, the U1 does more damage than U2, and for me, the rush that comes from properly executing FA --> backward dash --> U1 is awesome. Took me a while to get it down, but it’s automatic now. It’s absolutely key to get the U1 out quickly or else you get just 3 lousy hits.

I generally use U1 on characters that can usually get away from :hk:RJ fadc U2. Characters like Bison (exPC, teleport), Honda (exHeadbutt, exSplash), Blanka (exRainbow Ball), Dhalsim (teleport), Seth (teleport), and Akuma (teleport). I think any ultra is fine against shoto characters, but I like the versatility of U1. For example, if opponent whiffs jab DP, the best Adon can do is probably s.:hp:. But with U1, Adon can get big damage off certain whiffed moves that would otherwise go unpunished or punished lightly.

I just hit Sagat out of a kara tiger knee on reaction. Min 2:42.
I’ve gotten out of Blanka Ultra with U1.
You can punish all of the above.
It does really nice damage.
You can save your meter for FADC mixups or Super combos.

IMO, U1 is win.

I don’t play Adon very much, though when I do select him, I tend to go with Ultra II (Jaguar Avalanche) instead of Ultra I (Jaguar Revolver).

As my opponents seem to like jumping in, I figured having an AA ultra would be very useful in these oft-occurring moments.

However, I have also found Ultra II to be useful and combo-able after certain moves at certain ranges.

I find it to be the most versatile of Adon’s Ultra selections, though I think most players discard it in favor of Jaguar Revolver because the latter ultra can punish fireballs and can ‘be used anytime’, essentially.

My brother who uses Adon extensively prefers Ultra I solely because of its name:looney:.