Am I the only one who can't do combos reliably online?

My team is Sen, Wolvy, and Akuma (in that order)

I spent ridiculous hours working on all of their combos, and I have gotten to the point where I can do all their best bnb combos fair consistently. If not, I will always save face with some type of variation of what I was trying to do. Jeez… After doing extensive homework, and actually taking the time to learn my team I jumped online and quite honestly… I didn’t get a chance to pull of any of the stuff I learned. It either got blocked to hell or I get people running the entire match and pulling random supers. What did work for me? Cheese… Cheesy Sentinel beams, and counter supers, assist spam. Most of the time I can’t get close enough to do a combo. I just want to know what I could be doing wrong since my execution is fine in training… I’m thinking about dropping Wolverine, and Akuma for more cheesier characters since that’s the only thing that seems to work online. shrugs

Ur prolly playing scrubs lol. and it takes a little bit to fluently execute a combo fresh outta training mode, u lose cause all ur trying to do is ur new combo ur not just playing the game. . . . am i making sense? do not drop wolverine or akuma both are seem to be high tier characters ESPECIALLY AKUMA.

plus online their is SLIGHT lag so ur timing could be thrown off alittle too.