Am I the only one who cares about the lore?

So many games and the story has hardly gone anywhere, both in regards to primary characters and secondary characters alike. I wish any future Street Fighter would follow in the footsteps of Blazblue: CP in this respect… Anyone else give a damn?

I would say most people here probably don’t care about the story, but I’ve seen a sizable minority that do.

I care about the story. That’s why I read the comics. It kind of annoys me how non-existent the story is in the games.

I do but it hardly matters considering give lack of single player content.

The lore is interesting to me but gameplay of course should supersede any lore. Otherwise Oni and Evil Ryu would just roflstomp the entire cast effortlessly.

roflstomp. I like that. Did you just make it up?

When I was younger, I was always eager to see everyone’s finishing story, but they seem to have got worse over the years.

Also, are the comics any good? Would people recommend them?

Despite being a fighting game fan, I’m a huge video gamer in general and a sucker for a game with a good storyline, would love a great single player mode with proper cutscenes and a story that makes some sense.

With that said, in a fighting game of course I’d prefer an excellent game mechanic over doing some compromises to add a nice single player mode.

I don’t care. I don’t think it’s even possible to make a good story out of street fighter. I usually find the story very weak even in games where it should matter much more.

I actually like the rival scenes and endings in SSFIV. They are short and do the job. Sort of reminds me of the World Warrior. It’s just something to show the player as reward and not just a congrats and game over screen.

I would rather have better AI and a better training mode/tutorial than a story or story mode.

Until Capcom can deliver a single player experience akin to Mortal Kombat or Injustice I’d rather they stick to ignoring the lore of SF.

lol, lore

In games that are not story focused, I tend to love the lore only after I’ve become greatly immersed in the gameplay itself.

Once you start adoring a character, how they play, etc. It becomes a lot more fun to read up on how fucking awesome they are story wise.

I imagine they’ll make Street Fighter have a visual novel style story mode with art by UDON if it ever had one. I don’t want that

I love the lore, there is great potential with the storylines but they are often weakly executed. I would be thrilled with an in depth story mode, I would probably actually play through all 39 or more characters’ stories.

I hate how Ken gets ditched as the inferior Gouken disciple and almost never gets to do anything significant, so I don’t bother.

Ken is actually the much more talented Gouken disciple, but practices much less than Ryu.

I believe Gouken was the more talented Goutetsu disciple, he defeated Akuma without Dark Hadou (though he lost the rematch). Dark Gouken would be one of the most powerful entities.

The issue with the lore is that the gameplay style is not conducive to a story. The MK story was fun but every time they made me play it it felt like a chore, like something I was just doing to find out what happened next and I don’t see why SF needs a mode that basically gives you boring matches to play in the middle of a movie.

Stick with the included animated features and arcade modes, specialized intros/outros. I don’t need to beat the CPU 8 billion times.

you should play capcom x namco, it is an RPG with all the street fighter characters