Am I the only one who despises Ryu and Ken?

Okay, so I’m new to Street Fighter. After EVO 2011 I finally decided to get SSF4 (getting the AE expansion later today) after not being able to really understand the SF streams, and I always wanted to give it a proper chance.

Anyway, I’m liking it so far, it’s a very different fighting game if you ask me, and so it’s fresh to me. I’ve been playing for a couple weeks, I started with Ibuki and now I’m learning Juri. I think I might learn Akuma soon, as well. Yeah, I know people usually only use one character in their entire time playing this game, but I’m not like that lol.

But what I really hate is how popular Ryu and Ken are. Well over half the matches I’ve played (I’ve played a bit over 100 now) are against either of the two, and it’s frustrating because personally I find them annoying to fight, and it’s just not fun to face the same character over and over (and they’re almost identical characters, too, so I guess you could say it’s just one character I keep fighting over and over)

Is it wrong to hate them? I just don’t understand… out of ALL the characters in the game, you have to choose to only use the one that 99% of the community already does? Come on now T_T

Yes, you’re a unique snowflake.

This is a bad thread…:tdown:

…but I don’t see that many of them in Endless. Stop playing Ranked.

i bet you liked ryu and ken before they went mainstream

It’s kinda the only way to get people on my level

welcome to SF

At a really low level Ryu and Ken are S+ Tier (relax fellas I am strictly speaking at a mash level - 2d ground zero) and to top it off they are the most iconic of all the cast. Just a warning, playing Endless may be a little intimidating for someone so new because the talent level definitely is higher than lower level rank matches.

If I was you, at ground zero, I would learn Ryu, at least the basics, he is a great character to start with because you need to play fundamentally solid with Ryu to win and it translates really well to your next characters.

Akuma is going to be tough, Juri is pretty good at a low level but her skills dont translate that well to others.

Ryu and Ken you will find always appear at below 1000pp, to win what i do is i just hit them lower there life then run away. stupid kens and ryu’s will start to run at you, then you can just punish them.

Mhm, I usually play hit and run with them. It’s pretty easy with Ibuki and Juri, I find.

Ehh, but I reeeally don’t wanna use Ryu T_T I’ve already gotten things going with Ibuki and Juri, and if I’m to learn any of the -blank-s (I forget the word used for Ryu, Ken, Akuma, and Dan), it’d be Akuma because he’s pretty different, unpopular, and not useless like Dan, right?

If you despise Ryu and Ken you despise Street Fighter. Good day sir. I said good day!

The word is “shotos” since it is a shortening of the style of fighting they do. Also Dan isn’t useless (esp with the upcoming patch he could potentially be on par with the rest of the shotos, or very close to it.)

No offense, Ibuki might be the most fun character to play but your going to hit a pretty big wall with her as she is a very very technical. She has a ton of tools and learning when to use each one is tough.

Funny thing is she matches up really well against Ryu… Her slide goes under fireballs and U2 punishes fireballs at a good distance. And learn her vortex but becareful using against Ken and Ryu.

If your having issues playing against a character I always think learning them is the best way to beat them. So that’s all I was saying and those two… And Ryu is great to start with. Balrog is a good starter character as well as he has some of the best normals in the game.

A good early technique is try and win without specials. That really teaches the basics about spacing anti-airing and blocking. Learn your normals. Especially with Ibuki as a lot of low level Ibukis tend to just vomiting punishable specials everywhere which will get you in trouble ate the next level.

Troll thread?

Learn Ryu.
Get fundamentals down.
Switch back to your main

Well I think I’ve kinda learned the most basic of basics. I mean, I’m still by all means a noob and have A LOT to learn, but I know how to use my characters enough to win with them (only against people on my level, of course)

I’ve tried to learn Ibuki’s vortex and I admit, it is pretty difficult. I honestly don’t understand how it works really. Usually after the knock down I do the command dash, then do a neutral jump to the light kunai, and it usually works. I follow up with an easy BnB I taught myself that does just a bit over 300 damage.

Bah, I never touched Ryu or Ken and I do just fine. Not an expert but not a noob either. I played Gen and Chun Li till I was 1800PP, then used Dan and dropped to 600 (lmao) and now Im back to 1800 again (not giving up on Dan though). Street Fighter isn’t all about Ryu and Ken, so if you dispise Ryu and Ken, great! This calls for a bro-fist. Honestly, I get tired too of seeing that boring duo everytime I start online matches. Ever SAGAT is a better sight to see than those guys. You play Juri, I respect that. She’s a bit complicated as far as I know. Tried her out before but I noticed some people play her like a Ryu/Ken; too much head on and not enough mind games.

Can’t believe back in SFII days I thought Ryu was the best character ever, then I started exploring the rest of the cast. GG Ryu.

Now brb, gotta don my armour of +5 flame resistance.

Actually, SSIV is one of the easier Street Fighters to play because the move input is so lenient, but that’s not really important.

Yes, it is wrong to hate Ryu & Ken. How can you not like Ryu with his red headband that contrasts so awesomely with his white gi? And Ken is the ultimate representation of America (at least in Japan’s eyes), with a stereotypical, loud, brash attitude? How can you not love that shit? j/k

Actually, these characters play vastly different once you get to intermediate level. At your current level, you’re most likely facing flowchart Kens who love to spam HP SRK and Ryus that spend all their time running away and chucking fireballs. Sorry dood, you’re just gonna have to deal with it. Ken has a lot of flashy, cool looking moves, so a lot of people like him and Ryu is generally the first character beginners pick up because A) he’s iconic and B) he was created to teach new players the fundamentals of SF.

Not sure what you’re playing (Ranked or Endless?), but if you’re playing Ranked, use the custom game settings to find people who have higher level skills. Not only will you face people who play different characters, you’ll also face Kens and Ryus who play the characters the way they were meant to be played.

I can’t stand Ken if it makes you feel better =]

Thanks for the responses everyone. Would any of you mind adding my GT and destroying me for a bit? Perhaps tell me some of the things I need to improve on?

Also my execution could use work, I know that. It’s not absolutely consisent, aheh

NUP hate RYU & KEN moves are so easy, so little skill required yet so powerful. Also in the lower levels of play they are top tier, they are what you call ‘bang for your buck’ minimum time and effort maximum result in terms of wins.

It’s really sad seeing Third Strike completely infested with them you’ll get 60 Ken’s to everyone 1 Alex, ATM there playstyle and there popularity is why I have canned Third Strike, thankfully in AE at least my character Bison has AMAZING tools to deal with their untalented spam. Headstomp at the one’s that like to jump forward literally does there head in, then mixing it up with DR and punishing there shoryukens is even more hilarious.

I have beat Ryu & Kens perfect with HEADSTOMP and DR.

Dictator really is the antithesis to Ryu & Ken masher? You can step back and HK the spam shoryukens too, normally when they’ve copped about 5 HK’S and not hit you once they start trying to jump thats where HS comes in.

LAMING out the LAMER gives me a sick perverse pleasure. I could use moves other than High Kick and Headstomp and Devils but I will not allow myself. As it is I am already using one more move than the shoryuken/hadoken spamming ryu/ken

Hello and welcome to fighting games, please enjoy your stay.