Am I the only one who remembers them mentioning beta testing for this game?


I can’t seem to find a mention of it in any article so far but IIRC during the announcement they mentioned beta testing is planned before the game’s release.


This had been on my mind as well, seeing that it’s slated for 2017. Tbh I’m surprised we haven’t seen any demonstration matches like SF V had.


Yogaflame had said early testing was scheduled when he first said he heard about the game’s existence.

Nothing official has been said on the matter.


My memory is a bit fuzzy for SFV how exactly did you get into the beta, was a preorder required?



Beta testing…

…and you guys expecting a functioning fighter…

…from Capcpom…

Congrats! This is my first Joker .gif of 2017, and the first one I’ve busted out in a long while… Thanks, guys!


You had to pre-order to get access to the beta. SFV had three betas and a couple of network tests inbetween.


And it still turned out the way it did.

Beta testing don’t mean shit.


Actually, the first time I played the SFV beta was at a Six Flags event (July 2015). Shortly after were the online beta test.


Knowing Capcom, the “beta test” is going to be the actual game release…


exactly what SFV was


This is Marvel, the game should never have a beta. Just release it, bugs and all.


You’re going way off the deep end here. That’s not something you want.

It’s one thing to want a grimy game but it’s another thing to want a game that doesn’t even function. Do you really think shitty netcode and input lag/command interpreter issues are somehow going to make the game more hype?


Fuck it. The biggest thing that changed between SFV’s beta test was the game’s balance, not anything regarding the netcode. Remember when characters actually had powerful tools in SFV (Nash could take 80% off one V-Trigger combo, Cammy could just all day and win oki, etc.)? What I don’t want is some '16er scrub complaining about strong stuff and ruining Marvel for the rest of us.

In any case, most of the back end issues are likely already figured out and fixed thanks to SFV.


Oh to have such boundless hope in the eternal fuck up that is Capcpom…

…if only it was still the '90s, and we had CAPCOM making this game…


i cry evry tim


Screw balance and netcode testing. I want beta testing to put my hands on the game earlier.