Am i the only one who think its kinda dumb



that zero has big blue titties? someone pointed it out to me amnd now i cant unsee it. i hope in mvc4 the characters take battle damage and you can see them break… -_-


It’s apart of Zero’s character design.


its kinda dumb you see “green” as “blue”, imo.


He’s perhaps talking about Zero’s alternate colour (Bass).




lol I did notice that the first time I used Zero


i play as black zero, and i forgot what color his/her tits were when i posted.


Lol, well Capcom couldnt make up their mind I guess. They made Zero from Megaman X look pretty much like a guy but gave him tits, then they made Megaman Zero all slender and very easy mistaken for a girl but with no tits, lol


so mega man x, zero and poison as team guess whats in our pants?


What’s dumb is mistaking green orbs for breasts.


am i the only one who thinks it’s kinda sad some people have never seen real titties?


damn i guess you cant make a joke on the zero boards, you boys are uptight… yall need some titties in your lives