Am I the only person

… that looks at road exit signs as fighting game notations? Like going past exit 236B and I’m reading it as the hadoken exit. Anyone else ever have a moment when you know you’ve been playing fighting games too damn much?


kill yourself.

Actually for a time I was confused about that as well.

No, because I’m not a weeaboo who uses number notation instead of SF notation.

Back in the day, whenever I looked at a random chart or picture of people’s face portraits lined up, the SF2 SNES Player Select song would play in my head.

Would have made for some interesting fighting games…

Just it happened one time, a homeless stopped me when I was coming back home. He had got an umbrella, and he was moving like a ninja: he was using that fucking umbrella as a katana, maybe he was drunk.

In that moment I wanted to be Ryu - uf, hk, mk, qcf+p and 2-0 perfect for me. gg.

We really don’t need a “You know you’ve been playing fighting games too much when…” thread.

Actually it probably already exists.

^ I second this.

OP: Killing yourself will create a better world for everyone.

i was confused until someone mentioned the Japanese notation and then it made sense.

I was thinking “maybe…if you play upside down I can see it”

Hah, they have a name for everything.

When I played DDR and PIU for hours a day I would sleep and see arrows sometimes. Or when I hear songs I’d imagine what the step pattern would be like. Pretty funny.

i took a nap during transforms 2 and every explosion and gunshot came up as that little pling when its your turn to play a hand at full tilt poker

Alright guys thanks for the suggestions I’ll get right on killing myself.