Am I the worst Fei Long player? Help out a newbie

Ive been lurking for awhile here on the forums, and playing Fei Long for about a month or so. After one month I still cannot perform any decent combos, and I am stuck around 600-1000PP. Basically my game is

  1. Jump in, hope hes a newb and doesnt block my j.HK
  2. If attack lands, SWEEP!
  3. If attack doesnt land, spam
  4. Cross over with mk,
  5. Rekka from nothing
    6 Chicken wing from nothing.
  6. Throw as often as possible
  7. Wiff my ult so he can finish me off at the end

Essentially, I am very bad at punishing, at doing any worthwhile combos. I play lots of footsies and throws, I jump way more than I should. I cant really FADC.

The problem I know is that I need to spend a lot of time training, but I only have about 45 minutes to an hour a day that I can play and I dont want to spend it in the training room.

Can anyone tell me the basic couple combos that I should learn first? I can c.lp -> rekka pretty consistently in practice, but I cannot c.lp c.lp -> rekka for my life, even after knowing that the second c.lp needs to be linked. This game seems so darn hard to learn without dedicating your life to it…

That’s a 1 frame link that’s why. Your basic combo is st.lp cr.lp Rekka.

You’d be best to study the master guide in the stickie’s , it has everything in there including questions like yours with answers. I was going to make a vid about basics but then I stopped but maybe I should just throw it up anyway. We’ll see.

Thanks, I will work on getting that combo execution down… I tried it now in training and was able to do it quite a few times so seems like its much easier than what I was trying to do. Ill take a look at the guide, thanks!

Ill check out that video if you get around to making it!!

Man its so difficult to get these out even in training, never mind a real match… I feel like SSF4:AE has such a huge learning curve that it probably turns away so many gamers… shrug

Don’t worry I’m in the almost exactly the same situation as you.

Nah I’m the worst. 3 years and still free like oxygen.

Not sure if OP is a troll or not… pretty sure though…

It’s actually the most forgiving sf in recent memory w input leniency. Just keep at it.

You better stop that. You can’t have one bad week and come in and take my title of “worst”.



The ladder to get better is a high one to climb. But it won’t stop me.

I’m not a good Fei but i have a few suggestions anyway… With your jump-in Hk or crossup mk, rather than hitting sweep, you can hit xx lp rekka and be ready to continue rekkas with hp. It’s a great hitconfirm and is very safe (+3 on block)

For basic punishes, get used to cs.hp xx hp rekkas and cs.hp xx hk flame kick. Use the rekka version when you want to push towards the corner.

If you have trouble with c.lp x lp rekka in any combos, see if negative edge helps. I had a lot of trouble without it.

Also, get used to Fei’s focus attack and letting it go quickly, it’s one of the best focus attacks around and nets you a lot of ultra or punish opportunities

I’m in the same spot, but with all my characters haha. I sit around 500-1000pp =(

psn- hiddentomahawk

for cr.LP cr.LP xx LP rekka

you have to delay the 2nd cr.LP for a bit to cancel into LP rekka

Points don’t matter. Skill and the application of skill matters.

I’m a week one Fei and I find simply looking for and protecting the air space around you with solid AAs and staying just outside your opponents best poke and counter punching will take you a long way. That and hard punishes with CLS.HP xx Rekkas

If you only have 45m, personally I’d use 15 min in the training room and practice a bnb and rekka 1st ender hit confirms from max distance. Even if I don’t have time to spar while watching my daughter, I still will put a few minutes in the lab.

I just wish I wasn’t so free to vortex shenanigans.

I am confused about your question. Do you need help with something specific or just want to spar?

Both of these are great advice. Choose either the cr.lp cr.lp xx lp rekka combo or the xx lp rekka combo. The first combo will let you hit confirm into three rekkas easier while the second one doesn’t have a link but is harder to hit confirm into three rekkas. Try both out and choose one to practice until you master it.

For basic punish you can use one of the above combos or use close hard punch xx hk flame kick. This is actually a little daunting for a newbie since it requires you to quickly do a shoryuken motion which most newbies can’t do. However you learn it pretty quickly because it’s very basic muscle memory: zero links involved.

And now you have it. Mix it up with some low attacks, pressure with rekkas, and learn your anti airs and you’ll hit 2k PP.

Don’t beat yourself up about being bad with fei. Don’t listen to people saying fei is stupidly easy and obviously OP. I find fei to be a difficult character to learn despite his relatively straight-foward playstyle.

Tips: punishing
All a punish is is figuring out your most damaging attack sequence to hurt someone who screws up. It can get more complicated when you have to take spacing into consideration, but you don’t have to worry about that for now. A simple highly damaging punish that uses only 1 meter is cl hp xx ex flamekick.

If you want to knock someone closer to a corner, do rekkas instead of flamekick. If you’re too far away to get the cl hp off, just use his cr. lp to cancel into rekkas. You’ll get the hang of it!

It is insanely hard to cr. lp, cr. lp rekka. Not only does this involve a 1 frame link, it involves a true 1 frame link that you can’t even plink!!! Don’t beat yourself up over this, I can barely even do it. A more important strategy to focus on is simpler links from a low.

As for a good combo to learn:
Up close, practice some form of cr. lk, cr. lk, st. lp, cr. lp xx rekka. Find what is comfortable for you! If you can do this confirm without needing to do 2 cr. lk’s, then good. If not, then fine. The point of this confirm is to be able to start off a low and judge whether your opponent initially blocked that low while your other attacks are coming out. The link from st. lp to cr. lp is not a bad one. By that point you should be able to know whether the opponent is currently being hit by your combo or if they’ve been blocking. You can decide whether to commit to your rekka or not based off of this.

One final note: You can not cancel from chains. Make sure you know the difference between a chain and a link. A chain means you can press another light attack while your prior one is still recovering. The window is big making this nice and easy:) However you are denied the right to cancel into special moves from such easy chains. Ultimately if you want to cancel into a special move, make sure you link your current cancelable normal from your prior one. A link means the current attack was started after the prior one had completely finished.

That is all of my thoughts for now, good luck!

thanks for this info. currently transitioning to fei. i learned a lot just by reading it :smiley:

I would also say to learn cr mp, cr lp xx rekka. As well as cl. St mp, cr lp xx rekka.

You’ve played fei long enough to know how reliable cr mp is. Make it even more useful. The cr mp has to be reasonably deep into the opponent, so use wisely.

As you get quicker you’ll develope reaction to counter hits, and in my opinion, cr mp is the king of counter hits because it cancels to rekka at that point.

It’s silly, but if you get your opponent on the defensive by using smart block strings, throw a semi random st lp xx tenshin in sometimes. Be wary, if it fails you’re fucked