Am I too old for SRK?


I read a lot of posts and (especially in the Saikyo Dojo) I feel like this:


“especially in the Saikyo Dojo…”

Maybe you need to get older and go look at some other forum sections.


Adam Sandler is right to have to look right towards the open mouth fatkid on that screencap.

I can’t word that any better right now. But are you like him, about to choke a bitch?


You’re too old for life. You know what to do. violin plays


I look at em all my friend. Being night shift I get off work a convenient two hours before any non-er base agency opens. That time usually gets spent in a parking lot reading SRK waiting for personnelists and medical to stroll in from their weekly casual at Ihop.


According to your profile, you’re 25 years old.
Yeh man you old, man you so old


2 hours of SRK is too much.

You gotta watch Daigo for 2 hours :nunchuck: Then come back to post about it in the Saikyo Dojo. Or “best in the world ATM” topics with their Daigo Daigo Favorite player Daigo does this Daigo.


Does being a fanboy reverse the aging process?


Mentally, yes.


/thread :rofl:


You flightline too? Don’t know too many others who drop the N-bomb. Yeah I try and stay away from there, reminds me too much of work.


Flightline, now instructor.

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Yes, you are far to old for SRK.


chicks dig old guys who use computers


Holy shit I must be like a fossil then.

I’m 26 =/


shit im 30, haters can go fuck them self


I’m 31 years old and i feel like if 21(in spirit, my mind is mature enough though) without forgetting my everyday responsabilities and my family, i have a wife, a daughter, a job but from time to time i have the chance to play Super Turbo, yes ST is an old game, but it’s what i love to play, also i just have a couple of years playing ST, so it’s a new game to me.

Age is not a excuse to feel good or bad with older or younger people around you, it’s a matter of attitude.


Thread should be renamed to: “Am I too gay for SRK?”

Also fuck AF. Nigga has an MLP related av


What is MLP?

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You feel like Adam Sandler? Yes, I agree that you should stop making movies forever.

What was this thread about?