Ama: "tekken tag tournament 2 hori stick wii u edition"


Note: This post used to be an AMA (Ask Me Anything) about the arcade stick in the title.


There is really no need for any of that as this stick is the same as every other Hori stick of that particular form factor. You also forgot to mention the MadCatz Tournament Edition S+ for the Wii which I believe is still available in their Web store. The TE is going to have higher quality parts than this Hori unit as well.


According to the specs page, this stick actually uses Kuros for buttons, and uses a “modified” (they don’t say how) version of the lever used in their Fighting Stick series.

Other than that, there’s nothing particularly outstanding about this stick. The casing is nice (I personally love the Hori Fighting Stick VX/V3 formfactor), the Noir button layout is a nice change from the usual Vewlix, and the PCB doesn’t do anything particularly spectacular that we haven’t seen before (LS/DP/RS, turbo, etc).


Oh. Well that’s neat. Still probably better off going with the TE if this will be your only stick. The TE is also TTT2 branded and has a Noir layout. All Sanwa everything. What’s retail on this VX/3?


This Wii-U stick retails for 7900-ish yen, so about $80.
The Fighting Stick VX for 360 retails for 6900-ish yen, so about $70.

The Mad Catz Wii-U still retails for $70 on the Mad Catz store, and comes with all-Sanwa in an easier-to-mod casing.

So unless you specifically want the Fighting Stick V? formfactor, the Mad Catz version is a better buy.


There is always the Toodle’s PiiWii PCB


Unfortunately, if I’m not mistaken, the PiiWii doesn’t do analog stick controls, which would make it impossible to play Smash Bros.


I’ll try and give my best input on how the modified Kuro buttons feel compared to actual Kuro buttons. (Which board should I compare against for reference?)


@FreedomGundam Not entirely true, PiiWii can be started up with specific buttons pushed down to have the joystick control the left analog stick or D-pad, or you can wire it up to a switch like on the Hori and Mad Catz sticks!


I believe the Kuro buttons are stock Kuros.
It’s the stick lever that’s modified from their standard Hori-brand Fighting Stick joystick levers.

You’re right, my bad. I totally forgot about that part.

I don’t have experience with them myself, but I do remember people having some issues with the Mayflash Classic Controller adapters.


@shinkodachi‌ - I think it’s a cool stick. Definitely more rare than most. As a collector I think it’s a good pickup.


Are you sure about that? I don’t read Japanese so my assumption is based off the news reporting such as here on SRK:

“The upcoming Fighting Stick Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Wii U Edition uses new HLF-30 buttons, which are based on the HKF-30 “Kuro” buttons seen in the Hori Fighting Edge.”


You don’t need analog for Smash Bros.

Anyways, all the Hori and Mad Catz sticks do not actually have analog either.
the LS setting only mimics analog for the console.


You don’t need actual analogs, but you at least need the console/game to think you’re sending it a signal from the analog stick.
What I meant was that you can’t play Smash Bros (via a Classic Controller or equivalent PCB) without the game thinking you’re using the analog sticks.


What you think the Toodles Pii Wii PCB does?

Check out the PDF


Yeah, I missed that part originally. Despite having owned and worked with almost all of Toodles’ PCBs at some point in time, I never used a PiiWii since I padhacked an Intec Retro Controller back in the day.
I didn’t know that the PiiWii did the whole “simulated analog” until I posted a few posts up (about 2 hours ago).


In a sense you need analog for Smash Bros. Playing with a digital joystick that simulates an analog joystick does not bring you the whole experience. Something I’ll hopefully get to try out once Smash Bros. 4 is out for Wii U.


Main post updated.

  1. I don’t think that has a Hayabusa stick or kuro buttons.

  2. Sensitive sick and buttons are how Japanese parts are supposed to feel. You can change the spring in the stick to add tension. The galaga and Pac man machines you have locally are probably equipped with classic sticks ill suited for fighting games.

  3. On the buttons, you said you “can’t feel a difference”, yet you state in the intro that you’re new to arcade sticks and this is your first one (which leads me to believe it’s unlikely you’ve used kuro buttons more than a couple minutes). We can all appreciate an effort to be informative and helpful, but perhaps you should hold off on reviews and such until you have more experience.

In any case, it’s a sharp looking stick- I hope you enjoy it.


Thanks for the comment!

According to Hori, that’s indeed a Hayabusa with Kuro buttons. I only had the Hori Fighting Edge to compare to, the gate, ports, and construction was 1:1 the same. Which is why I couldn’t see any difference between the buttons.