Amaterasu MVC3 DHC Glitch Setup "The Haz Combo"

First it was the Trish combo video and now it’s the 2nd video by Haz the founder of Team Haz-Mat and it have some intersting Amaterasu setup that leads to a nice DHC Glitch setup so hope you guys enjoy and give us your feedback please >>

I mean the main issue is that it’s kind of really obvious that you badly want to throw there. Since, after :qcf::l:, there’s nothing you can do but try to throw. And the worst part is that in this setup *they recover before you, *and anyone who knows that will recognize that they can just mash light and all of the sudden there’s nothing you can do but block, 'cause trying to throw, or even trying to hit light yourself, will get you hit. Try it, do that setup and have player hammer on :l: the moment they see :qcf::l:, see what happens.

So no, it’s probably not going to work against someone who’s paying attention and who’s seen it before, sorry.

I wish I can agree with you man. the only thing u can do againest this throw is to tech it but you can’t mash :l: againest it cause it’s a throw and the throw will win. Sorry for correcting you but you need to know what you are talking about before you say it. I’ll even play with you online and show you if you want to or just try it yourself.

Nothing personal buddy :china:

>online play


Um, but actually, no! There’s a 5-frame window where you can’t be thrown after recovering from blockstun, hitstun, knockdown, and of course an air combo. True, not everyone has a 5-frame j.:l: (although some characters certainly do, and you will never ever get this on them + some can start combos on you for free for trying it) but most are not slower than 6 frames, which includes Thor, meaning you’d need frame specific timing to get it off thanks to being unable to buffer in throws (of course if you hit the button too early you just get a heavy anyway, so you couldn’t buffer it in regardless). Meanwhile, if you don’t get that timing, then you sacrifice a lot. Sure, hulk and tron have jumping lights slower than that. Maybe MODOK, I actually have no idea about the speed of his j.L or options he has in the air. But other people? It’s bad risk/reward unless you can nail a 1-frame timing every time.

But that’s not the real point against this, and I chalk up my decision to talk about that to being, just, extremely about to fall asleep while writing that. It’s a much better statement to just say that everyone will always tech the throw. Because again, j.:qcf::l: is kind a long, obvious move and you can’t do anything but throw after it. The whole “you can jab out of throw resets” thing kind of applies against every throw attempt, but most throw attempts at least have the benefit of being doable in situations where that is not literally your only option, so the opponent may not see it, or you have options that punish a jab mash (if you recover before they do this includes pressing most any button, really). I have nothing against throw resets, they’re great and I use them, but this one here? It’s just ineffective. All they have to do is think, “Hmm, I wonder if my opponent is going to do literally the only thing possible in this situation. Most likely yes.” It’s not even theory fighting, they have a day and a half to react to j.:qcf::l:, and you literally don’t have another option, because since they recover a bit before you, if they attempt a throwbreak and you do anything else, then you get thrown. I have in the past tried to fool around with this sort of j.:qcf::l: setup, but it quickly became apparent that it would never work on the smarter players in my scene.

Of course, if you’re playing online, go for it all the time every time forever, reaction doesn’t work online

I swear I hear you bro but look at my video again closely before judging… jump then :h: then :qcf::l: is a combo not separate hits. don’t make me doubt all that writing above man I hear ur criticism but make it make sence to me buddy. am not saying it’s guaranteed throw but not everyone will see it coming to be honest with u or that means everyone is the best in that game :rofl: am just giving people an extra option that’s all.

Again much respect though to everyone out there. criticism is needed no matter what :china:

Er, I know it’s a combo. But it’s also a combo that happens to put the opponent at +2, which is bad news for a couple reasons I have already mentioned. I am just saying, Back when I was going for j.:qcf::l: resets, the people I frequently played against saw through it and countered/throw broke almost every time. It is not something I would feel comfortable using in a tournament situation.

I agree with Stark. That isnt really gonna work. Maybe 3 months ago it would have work. Your video is just a day 1 combo attempting a throw reset.

While I would agree that in a lot of situations people will tech your air-throw reset, it’s also not something you can adjust to that accurately without alot of correct guessing. I’ve got similar airthrow resets with Magneto and while they’re never gaurenteed, no reset ever is. I think what Bazoka was trying to illustrate was the availability and options you have here which I would think are good.

Ammy, like Magneto, has a rather large hitbox and for some reason is a deceptively difficult throw to try and tech, and I’m not sure why.

Would this be something you would attempt at every opportunity? Probably not. You don’t want to attempt too many air-throw resets or resets in general in this game, but this will certainly get most people you play against at least once per set in a Tournament. Almost any decent resets in fighting games will catch almost anyone atleast once, and that’s a fact. The only issue is how quickly said opponent will catch on to this and keep you from doing it ever again.

Nice video Bazoka!

hopping on the “not that good” boat, this is gonna get teched all day

there are better disguised throw setups and your video explores none of them (more specifically, after 236[A], paper, or JC’d normals on the ground, since you can bait counterhits on those as opposed to this)

I agree with Stark here, I mean, this is just a day 1 setup after all, spruced up with some DHC trick hotness.


It’s not completely useless. Depending on your opponent’s char & your spacing (you have to be at their level, or above them), you can double mind game them:

instead of doing a throw, you can sj.A-C xx qcf+C for a reset. If they’re mashing tech, they’ll get hit, and you can continue the combo when you land.

Just another thing to throw into your doggie bag of tricks.

Nnnooooooo you caaaan’t… The nature of the setup means that regardless of the direction they tech, you can throw them. But that also means that if they neutral tech, you are pressed right up against them. Amaterasu’s jumping light hits on the fourth frame. As this setup puts you at -2, your opponent has 6 frames on which to attempt a throw break which, because you didn’t actually try to throw them, will end in you getting air thrown instead. Which might end up being fatal for you.

Which is why you plink option select* the A, so its more like A~C-C xx qcf+C. Plinking to C in this game is something I really need to practice more…

Anyway, I dunno the theory fighting behind it all, but I do know I’ve done it consistently (offline) to people who expect the throw, FWIW.

Again, it’s not something I’d use often; like reload said, she has waaay better throw setups than these. But it’s good to know.

*: (what’s the official term for this? Is there one?)

Plink-OS a throw tech…? Uh. I could be wrong, but I am fairly certain you cannot tech a counterthrow. I can’t really test it right now, but I kinda naturally assume as much as I’ve never seen it done in this game or in fact in any other game. Except maybe blazblue CT.

i’ve kind of been dozing off (since it’s 2:30 in the morning) so i haven’t watched the entire set, but this is the first time i’ve seen this setup attempted in an actual match

As I just kind of naturally suspected, if your opponent has perfect timing, they counterthrow you no matter what. Good to know.


The whole plink OS thing has been on my mind ever since so I did a little testing in the lab. Depending on the timings, Half the time I got countered throw, and the rest of the time was a toss up between the jab hitting & teching their throw. So like Stark said, it seems that an opponent with perfect timing can beat this all the time. In practice though, who knows.

I don’t have the credentials/equipment to test this out further, but I’d love to know wtf is going on with plinking throw techs. Maybe in 4 years haha.

Sorry to put you down OP, but Stark is right. That air throw reset has been old for months.

i loved the editing but man, i posted this reset week 1 of this game. no one ever falls for this.

Nothing new really if you know Ammy can get resets off anything. It really just comes down to the opponent actually seeing the reset or actually breaking the throw. qcf+A is just the obvious reset.