Amaterasu players PSN/XBOX live meetup thread

Self explanatory. I’ll update this periodically. Lets get together and find out some great shit.

Syke1 - Syke187
Strangevision - TSA-PATDOWN (Atlanta, Ga)
Sevans - SevansVII
RadRed - RadRed
debs - debs_eek
Perelman - BoomNPound
JPrem - R3kkuchi
NMumw1017 - NMumw1017
Stingers - Stongertron
RawFiji - aquatics
RoseSFIVAll56 - Rosesfivall56
cyber_zero - cyber_zero
devilkin102 - PsyChoTik_RiCaN
Genistar - Devilstar22
Arkayne17 - TheArkayne
Sweet Poison - welcome2troyland

Syke1 - Syke1
The W0426 - The W0426
currentlemon - muffincakes87
orochizoolander - ZOOLANDERBEAST
Arkkai - Arkkai SRK
toma101 - infestedobject
Flintlock - Tapoh
cyber_zero - CyberMag
King Of Bums - KingofBums SRK
PlanknGank - PlanknGank
Losha - Losha
LouieBH - Louie3DGod
d-_+b - SH0GUN
Liquigen - LordofLuls
DesertWolf - DesertWolf92
Dyce - oDyce
Sweet Poison - sweet poison
Bi-on-iC - BilobateGenie8
Darko - originaldarkito

u know me


But yeah, I’m on Xbox. Looking forward to playing you guys online.

I’ll most definitely try to main her.

PSN: SevansVII

My PlayStation Network ID is the same as my username (obviously). She’s definitely going to be apart of my main team.

I go by muffincakes87 on Xboxlive. My brothers and I share the same account so you’ll either run into them or me.

debs_eek is my psn handle.

wolfpack unite!!!
lets dissect the hell out of this character.


Ammy <3

Oh, we will.

Seems like Ammy chills on the East coast.

You fools need to add me.

I’ll sign on in a minute and do so.

Since I only have Xboxlive I’ll add Syke and The WO426 this weekend if it’s ok with them.

My PSN is NMumw1017. I definately plan on making her my point.
Never played any vs games before so I have no idea what to expect, but I’ll take some asskickings in the name of education.

when i sign on I’ll add everyone who added me…but I’m only going to play Marvel on PSN

PSN: R3kkuchi

she may or may not end up in my main team, but I’m hitting training mode with Ammy first irregardless :smiley:

PSN: rreyGUN
Ammy will be on my team for sure :slight_smile:

PSN: Stongertron

I was looking forward to her the most, but no 8 way AD…=[

Def. still trying her first thing though, just so see if it’s that bad.

I doubt no 8 way airdash is going to be the end of the world.

Damn, what is up with all the Psn and no Xbox? I have one other person on this list I can play with lol.

im down

PSN - aquatics

on the west side.

On 360.