Amazing Capture Cards?


Just wanting to know where I can gather more info in regards to Capture cards.
Basically, I just want the best I can get, but what is considered the best? Seems like every card that’s above $150 have high star ratings, so I’m guessing they’re all amazing?

But looking at most of these cards, I see mainly external, none being internal.
I’m also wondering if integrated cards delivery better performance. Or, has technology gotten to the point where that’s not longer relevant.

Any feedback is appreciated, as I’m very ignorant on the subject. All I can say in the matter is that I currently have an integrated Intensity Pro and it’s a fuckin’ headache!!

But yeah…


Depends if you want to do 240p/Retro stuff.

The best external capture card that can also accept RGB signals is probably the X-CAPTURE 1

Although it’s not very cheap. You could also pick up something like an XRGB-3/XRGB-mini and convert the signal to digital to use a cheaper capture card, but that’ll cost more or around the same as the x-capture

Here’s a pretty good review of the thing.


I see.
I’ll be streaming stuff from my consoles (PS3 and 360), is all I’m looking at.
Just something as lagless as possible and best performances/quality.


I think a lot of people are using the Elgato Game Capture HD right now, I know Mando uses/used one for the Super Arcade streams. I also think some sites like Giant Bomb have used them for some of their video content.

Edit: I just realized you don’t mind internal cards, I thought you wanted external.

I have the Avermedia Live Gamer HD and I like it. It can downscale the video for you so you can run inputs at 1080p60 while streaming/capturing at 720p60 which is nice. I got mine for a lot less than it’s being sold for now though. It also seems like none of the internal capture card options support capturing 1080p @ 60 FPS like the newer external capture cards, so you’d be more future proof with a newer external capture card.


I got both the Elgato and AverMedia LGP, get the Elgato and stream from a 360 if you want better quality, the OS is pretty nice and they update it frequently with new features.

I only got the LGP, cause it allows me to record without being connected to a computer.


HD PVR2 thats what I use


Thanks for the feedback.

With the products you guys are sharing, this should guide me in the right direction as to what I should purchase!


I notice that the ps3 has issues displaying 1080p due to some Sony copy right reason and a HDCP device is needed to bypass this. Thing is, there’s so many of these on the market.

Any feedback in regards to those?


I have this powered splitter which strips HDCP

At least when I bought it last year the one I got it strips it no problem.


As for the HDCP, I’ve gone ahead and purchase this.

It got amazing feedback all around, but I decided to purchase it since it was on sale the other day and gave out free 2 day shipping, so I was like “buy”.

However, upon installing it, it works great. I’m able to stream and capture footage from my PS3 device, however I feel a slight hint of lag (about 1 - 2 frames). Upon research, I found out the way to remove the latency is to purchase some type of HDMI splitter. Though, this sounds confusing, wouldn’t a splitter that sends out another 2 signals just cause more lag? Or am I thinking of something else all together?


i personally love the avermedia U3. It doesn’t have a passthrough (HDMI in and OUT, only has HDMI in)… but since it’s USB 3 and HDMI. you can technically play on your PC with extremely low lag or almost close to no lag. I recently sold my monitor and was playing with 0 problems my 360 games on my laptop.

The quality i have been told is pretty good (my viewers)…

I’m personally always looking for HDMI/USB 3 capture cards (outside PCI) that’s why i never got an el gato or lgp, but that’s just me