Amazing new st site and guide

just found out about this site, and after talking to some of its members i wanted to post it up and get the word out, contains all kinds of st goodness. enjoy

The site is pretty nice. I would suggest a few additions to the guides, tough. First one would be for Ryu: the cross-up tatsu example is a tad basic as it is. I will try to explain it a bit better: when Ryu (or any other char) jumps, characters often have answers for it, being either normals, specials or walk/slide under then throw or have him land on a normal. The cross-up tatsu is a counter to some of these actions. Also, it should not be viewed as an isolated tactic, but one of the many options he has for capitalizing on knockdowns.[LIST=1]
[]safe fump (perfect meaty aerial attack): beats all normals and escapes most invincible specials. Forces (and eventually trains) enemies to block. In itself it is uncouterable for many characters, but gives the defensive player a chance to just block the whole thing;
]cross-up aerial attack: can be hard to guess which side to block. Punishes some special attacks such as SRKs as soon as they lose invulnerability. By jumping a split second later or attacking earlier (depends on many factors) may force enemies to block the usual way;
[]ordinary cross-up tatsu: gets people who just take it for granted that they can throw Ryu as he lands. Can be made ambigous or even completely whiff, depending on the distance and timing;
]fast forward cross-up tatsu: as Ryu jumps in for what could be a safe or late jump from the front, he performs a tatsu around peak of his jump, increasing his horizontal speed so as to land on the other side. This punishes a number of moves or simply gets people who expected to block the jump off-guard due to the sudden cross-up.
[*]late jump: against certain characters with no invulnerable reversals, or if Ryu predicts they will default to block, Ryu jumps and hits them around the head, maybe with a light attack. On hit or not Ryu can mix throws, SRKs and jump back + attack to keep them guessing.

Meaty hadouken options could be added. Another hadouken, walk up throw, rush punch throw, walk up cr.forward xx haoduken, walk up cr.roundouse xx hadouken/short tatsu, walk up/rush punch SRK, something like that.

Some anti-air uses such as how DGV or other players beat jumps with standing punches, sweeps, st.short or st.fierce, depending on the distance and situation, would be nice.