Amazing New Trend - Win Tournaments With Twelve

The new trend with the more experienced players like me now is that when playing with Twelve, we use the Super Art X.C.O.P.Y.

If you are good enough and know how to use the other characters competently, then this Super Art can win you tournaments. The super doesn’t take that long to build up for if you are good and can be done at least once each round. That’s all you need to win.

With X.C.O.P.Y. you transform into the opponents character with extra high damage. If you don’t finish them off during the Super Art, just poke them to death with normal Twelve.

you troll SO hard and everyone just thinks your stupid but you can’t pull a bush on me. fer serious stop trolling, what if new people come and read this garbage you post in character threads! keep trolling strictly in the general chat forums or not at all really, the technical forums are for non-judgemental help. so that you don’t have to be scared of people going “SCRUB YOU SUCK” when they ask a question, its a healthy learning environment for the game and you are abusing everyone’s hospitality. please stop trolling.

ps: in the extremely unlikely event that you really just think that these things you post are true, you should watch some more vids. a think about watching vids is you should keep in mind that everything they do that doesn’t hit still had a function in what it was trying to prevent.

I don’t know what on the earth you are talking about… You must think you are really pro player, but I am just a scrub.

Epic fail. Unless you feel it’s necessary to offer advice as player that has played for a while, but has not advanced beyond scrub.

trry said it! if you don’t know what your talking about and you are aware of that fact please don’t offer advice to people as though you do.

I was simply making a sacarstic comment. Seeing that he was so quick to dismiss this as ‘troll’.

dude your gonna get banned, your posting wrong information in every char specific forum. please stop. and there are 10 million reasons why x-copy sucks compared to his other 2 supers. let alone “win tournaments with x copy 12”. have you ever won a tournament with x copy 12? no, you haven’t. no one has, and won’t ever. then why suggest that you can?!
yeah itd be really smart to X copy chun and Yun so you are now in a mirror match BUT WITHOUT YOUR ONLY SOURCE OF BIG DAMAGE AND MATCH CONTROL (SUPERS!). even you should be able to see how that is a losing match. especially because they can use their supers to run out YOUR x-copy bar.

and yeah i call posting “im an experienced player and you can win tournaments with (insert wrong information here)” trolling dude.

somebody please close all threads started by roshihikari. and delete his posts.

I agree with this 80%

Yeah he trolled on the Q thread talking about total destruction (SA3) and how “you can kara it from a dash punch”… ?

Some needs to just wipe all his threads.