Amazing Remy, HOW?!

Does anyone know how to do the combos in Tosaka’s Remy Video?

Are there any videos of this guy playing in actual tournament matches?

It’s been hard to find quality Remy matches. The closest thing I found was one of Ryo-Chin in a match… losing :frowning:

yes - In Tosaka’s Remy Video Ryo chin is performing all this stuff. Heh… I’ve just said in other thread that ryo chin is maybe not playing anymore and there’s only very old videos you can see him playing.

Wasn’t all this done on a programable controller? :rolleyes:

It doesn’t really matter, the cpu had no block on and they were on stun

The odds of a regular player not blocking at all and getting stun at the same time are really slim, just think of how many times you’ve gotten a stun on someone using Remy, now think of how many times you’ve had a stun on someone while having 2 full bars…