Amazon black friday deals, lightning round on sticks tonight!


Hori VLX for $235

Round 2 TE for $105

This is only good for today 11/22 until 3 AM EST/Midnight PST! Get it guys!

EDIT: This has been extended apparently, the deal is still on as of 11/23, and is still going on today, most likely for the whole weekend.

At 6:15 PM PST there’ll be an Amazon Lightning Round sale for arcade stick(s).

The description is “Top arcade stick for your fighting games” but doesn’t give a specific stick. Lightning Deals are first come first serve and go out fast depending on what’s selling, so this might be a great deal on a stick. Check it out here. Just set the deals category to video games, you’ll see it to the right.


360 Real Arcade Pro EX for $82

PS3 Real Arcade Pro for $60

360 and PS3 SE for about $50

Tatsunoko Wii SE Stick is also $50

Also Super Street Fighter IV is $20!!! GO BUY NEOW!!!

Some Mad Catz fightpads are below $20!!!

Dawgs go get stuff yo.


Nice didn’t see those


what other “good” deals are therE?


Here’s the main black friday page:
Black Friday Deals at

And here is, specifically, the video game section: Game Deals


Those are some pretty sick deals.
The SE is normal price though lol


i just got a “free” xbox so that street fighter deal is a sweet deal.


anyone know box size and weight of VLX (for shipping quotes)


The Mad Catz fight pads are a great buy a $16.00 on there. Perfect for modders.


HRAP3s are also on sale for $60.


the weight is 20lb


Approximately (LxWxH) 26.5 inches x 13 inches x 9.5 inches. :bgrin:


Why, thank you XD


@jutman, dont ship the VLX outside the US, how did you get round it???

i need to get one aswell.

let me know asap


Hori PS3 monitor HD LCD Monitor 3: Video Games
tag=dealnewscom offers the HORI 11.6" 720p Widescreen LED-Backlit LCD HD Monitor for PlayStation 3 Slim, model no. UHP3-87, for $170.99 with free shipping. That’s the lowest total price we could find by $62. This monitor mounts to the PlayStation 3 Slim gaming console and folds down when not in use. Other features include a 1366×768 (720p) resolution, 500:1 contrast ratio, 7ms refresh rate, 200 cd/m² brightness, adjustable brightness/sound, two headphone jacks, and composite inputs


That HRAP3 is sooooo tempting at $60 shipped…but I really don’t need it…:confused:


wow hrap3 for $60 is absolutely amazing


Hey Buddy,

A guy I built a custom for in Nevada kindly let me use his house as a shipping address and he is currently posting it to me … $80 for international shipping though :S


The deals are still available today (11/23)


Just placed an order for one :slight_smile: