Amazon got Hori Real Arcade Pro Premium VLX in stock ... tomorrow!


How was this not noticed until now, unless they only recently added it to their inventory.

Amazon B003VQR24W B003VQR242


Nooooo! There goes my 300 dollars!


why does the 360 version have to have the ugly coloured buttons? =[


Because Microsoft.


I hate that it’s using the Hori x360 button layout.


Ugh. I just traded in a bunch on stuff to Amazon for gift card credit, but I need Blazblue and Madden in my life. I hope Amazon will be able to keep this stick in stock. No tax + Amazon prime = foreseeable chance in purchasing this bad boy.


Gahh thats bullshit. $300 for a dreadfully oversized TE stick, that won’t be any better than a regular size nor be more ergonomic or comfortable to play on, and will only make transporting & storing away a pain in the ass too.

Whats the appeal here again to justify spending a soul-crunching $180 more than a TE for this thing?

Just because it resembles a 1-player (KO)Vewlix panel? Are you friggin’ serious?

My apologies for the mini rant but ever since i saw the prototypes for this thing + the INSANE pricetag, i could not stop shaking my head at it. I don’t doubt that it is a NICE stick, but it just seems too impractical and overpriced in the end.


Except the hori doesn’t have a garbage pcb, and cheap case plastic.


The fact that it opens on a hinge for repairs/modifications is pretty awesome. It appears to be built to last.


It has much to do with Taito´s envolvement I think. Face it, people like ferrari´s.


Unfortunately yes. It’s so purty… I’m so close to clicking this check out button…but 300 bucks is crazy considering I already have a perfectly good TE stick type S.

And this too.


wooohoooo If i only had 300USD and live in states


Having 2 Perfectly working TE…but still i feel i need this one…maybe if in a few months theres still for sale i get one…


Here’s hoping they (somebody in the US) carries the domestic release of the HRAP V3 SA!

I’m more impressed by that stick and very willing to pay $129.99 + tax for it!

(Plus, it’ll my gaming area much better than the VLX!)


They just added this a couple days ago. And Hori even informed me that this was a Hori Store exclusive!
Oh, well. It’s the same exact price, anyway, and I’m getting mine from UPS today!


I emailed hori about buying the vlx in Canada last week and they replied to me last saturday to go buy it on Its on there and I preordered :slight_smile:


You mean TE?

As for hori stuff, my HRAP2 case is rock solid. I doubt the plastic quality of this one is worth $180 extra.

Normal HRAPs and TEs are built to last as well. And really, how often are you going to be opening it up after its modded just the way you like it?


Hori had a discounts at EVO. Price for those sticks were $269. Very, very tempting.


is there a specifically designed carrying case for this somewhere? I would love to buy this but have no idea how to bring with me to tourneys.


If i know that, i would have gotten one without any hesitation.

But, I have enough sticks already and swear myself I shouldn’t get anymore.