Amazon has 360 brawl pad for 12.80 each now

get it before the deal is gone. eligible for free shipping if you order is $25+

That is insane.

Just over £8!

Great Deal for Canadians still! only $20 after non-free shipping and imports

Who just bought ten?
I had all eleven in my Cart.
Then I went to put in new Credit Card.
Continued and now I can only buy the one.

i guess there’s none left :frowning: I had no money anyways… sigh

ha, i though the first stick modder saw this would grab them all. too bad for you, Jdm714. You should have amazon account setup for 1 click order. I took 2 before I post it.

I was going to order 2, but had to run into a meeting at the office.
Came back out, and they were all gone.

Oh well. Saved me $42 (I’m in Canada), and I didn’t really need them anyways. :slight_smile:

it was ME!!!

You bastard…