Amazon - HRAP EX-SE - $79.99 (Dead Deal)

i jumped on this thanks!!

grrrrr. i just ordered this 2 days ago. wtf :mad:

Sigh. Us Canadians are outta luck.

You might be able to get them to refund the difference. Or cancel and re order?

Where can I get this stick in the UK???

I’ve looked around and the cheapest I can find is close to 120 ($192) off Ebay from the US, and that’s basically without any warranty since it’d cost far too much to ship back if anything is wrong with it.

Picked one up… good deal. Thanks OP.

Screw you Amazon. :frowning:

Wow, this makes it even harder to resist. :sad:

I finally caved. There’s a free three month trial of Amazon Prime right now which adds two day shipping. My head exploded.

Wow, thats an amazing deal!

If I didnt have my dual mod, Id be all over this.

how is it buying off Game-Ware or Gamer Deals. I gave my brother 80 bucks and he said wait… sale ended because he’s a dipshit

They both have high feedback and a load of transactions. I don’t think you’ll have problems with either of them.

I can’t believe it jumped to $126.93. I figured it was back to 89.99.

Oh man, I jumped on it yesterday, except I had to send it to a friend first since I’m from Canadia. Damn Canadia!

But am I glad I did. It’s still less than retail and it’s a great stick.

a big thanks to the OP for the heads up. bought one yesterday for a dedicated shmup stick.

Damn I have enough sticks, but really want to replace my EX2 as a 360 dedicated stick.

you’re telling me. i thought they were getting rid of over stock and shit.

I already have Amazon Prime, I now buy almost everything on there because of it :looney:. A free 3 month trial for Prime makes this deal really good.

Amazon does this kind of thing when an item gets a huge amount of traffic or it’s on it’s way out. I’m hoping something new is on the way rather than them just trying to gouge a few people lol.

for those that missed out, if you click on the link under more buying choices, its still $79.99 but another 3.99 on shipping from an amazon certified merchant.