Amazon pedophile book

Summary: Amazon sells book written by pedophile that discusses strats and tactics on how to love little boys. People are outraged. Amazon refuses to take down the book, citing first amendment and how its not their job to censor.

So, I didn’t see any threads on this, and just wanted to here everyone’s opinion. Its been a while since there’s been a pedophile debate on SRK. I’m not sure where I stand on this one. For example, there have been court cases involving neo Nazi’s and their right to do public demonstrations, and I think it is the right thing to do to allow them to express themselves, as long as they are not lynching black people in the process.

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I understand the freedom of speech…but.

I’m a First Amendment type of dude, so in that regard I’m siding with Amazon. His right to write a book like this, their right to sell a book like that. Anyone who doesn’t like it has the right to disagree / protest / boycott / get bent. Or, don’t buy it. Not the first book to create a controversy, won’t be the last.

Some people must think that pedophiles are the only people who will buy that book, and that they’ll learn how to molest children without repercussion. Turn them into pedo ninjas or something.

I also like the comment by that one reviewer that he’s against censorship, but thinks they shouldn’t sell that book. I don’t believe in censorship either, but I’ll delete a comment from my blog or something because I disagree with the poster’s opinion. Sense making.

I just heard on the news that he got arrested(he sent a copy to the police). :stuck_out_tongue:

^Censorship at its best imo…

I personally think that someone else sent the police a copy because they wanted him arrested.

Freedom of Speech as long as people agree with it I guess…

Who gives a fuck, don’t read it. Meaning don’t buy it, meaning don’t support it. It’s straight up irrational to think this book is going to cause an outbreak of toddlers getting fondled on. To abstract it, think about all the other big books that have caused individuals to become marginalized for years, or perpetuated hate and crimes. This then net neutrality on the same day. I’ll read or look at whatever the hell i want! Plus i think SF 4 is a sub-par game!!

Apparently said book has been removed.

Could’ve sworn there was thread about this before. And that the book got removed anyway or something like that.

Whatever, I see no problem. Long as people dont act out the stuff in the book and its protected by the First, I say let it be sold. You dont like it, dont buy it.

Otherwise, I just dont fucking care.

Codes of conduct just get in the way of the sodomy.

dudes…i once wrote an anime review on amazon that amazon employees ended up deleting.

1st amendment my ass.

amazon just wants to sell a few more copies before shuttin that shit down. im guessing.

But you don’t agree with it. How dare anyone have an opinion different from yours!

The fact that amazon caved and the guy was arrested is one of the saddest things I’ve heard of this year. The day when free speech is trumped by public opinion is the day we get acclimated to a more police state like atmosphere.

The first amendment doesn’t apply to private companies. Amazon might advocate freedom of speech but they still have the right to censor.

For example, you own a grocery store, but you don’t approve of foods that start with the letter G. Yeah, it might piss off grape farmers but it’s your grocery store and you don’t have to sell anything you don’t approve of.

Threads like this always serve the purpose of exposing just how wildly people can misinterpret the limits of the first amendment.

Dude, this isn’t a healthcare or religious opinion debate, it’s a guy encouraging people to rape preteen kids. Unless you’re a prophet named Muhammad, raping prepubescent children is wrong. It’s called incitement and it’s not protected by the first amendment.

It’s one thing to follow the letter of the law and another to follow the spirit of it.

So you can prove beyond all doubt that the author is inciting a hateful response intentionally rather then genuinely expressing his opinion? I bet your yomi skills are toptier!

In order to protect everyone’s rights, we even have to protect those we disagree with.

Good show, Amazon, I guess.

Well since the guy was arrested I guess so. You can’t incite rape and then try and hide by claiming it’s just an opinion. It stops being an opinion when he intends to hurt people. Just like you can’t yell “fire” or incite a riot.

lil kidz need luv 2 ya kno?! :cool:

I misread the thread title as “amazing pedophile book” and thought there would be a link to read said book. Pulled out my wang for nothing.