Amazon purchases Double Helix


RIP season 2?


Shinny Entertainment and The Collective both have merged to create Double Helix, but none of that talent is there.
There is no one left from the 2 original companies. Double Helix claiming credit on EarthWorm Jim is like the US calming credit for the Magna carta.

Amazon Enjoy your Aids.

Oh yeah, FUCK YEAH NO SEASON 2 for Killer Instinct!!!111one!!!one1111!!!
Let that POS IP die with rest of Rare’s garbage.


Typical SRK troll above.

There’s no RIP for season 2. All this should mean is that they will be funded by Amazon instead of Microsoft and that the game could possibly end up getting a port on Amazon’s game system. That’s VERY unlikely though because Microsoft isn’t going to give DH the IP.

Double Helix devs will just now be called Amazon devs. Or whatever name they decide to give the Amazon dev group.

People forget that this is a joint development game by Double Helix AND MICROSOFT. Everyone you see on the Xbox stream works for MICROSOFT, not DH. They work with DH, but not for them. Ken Lobb has literally been sitting with Rare/Microsoft waiting for this game to greenlight and he and Microsoft basically asked Double Helix to help them greenlight the game. It’s still Microsoft’s property and most likely some of the devs from DH (possibly like Dave V, Filthie Rich, Mike W, John Bautista) could move over and become Microsoft employees and continue working on the game.

The KI IP isn’t going to Double Helix and it’s not impossible for some of the important people from the DH side of the dev team to simply move to Microsoft while Amazon ventures into its new console. The likely case is KI will stay on Microsoft and stay exclusively on Xbox. Double Helix will just be working on their own stuff on the Amazon system while Microsoft continues the IP on Xbox One as normal.

It does sound like the new Amazon system could be a threat to all of the current systems because if its like the steam box, you’ll be able to continually upgrade the hardware which none of the systems out will be capable of.


I don’t expect this to hurt KI. I’m sure the deals Double Helix has in place with other publishers will still be honored. Amazon will just take a piece of the pie


Yeah I see it as either some of the DH employees will move to Microsoft or Double Helix just continues to work as normal with Microsoft and Amazon just gets some of the funding.

EDIT: Polygon has confirmed that a new second party dev company will work with Microsoft on KI. They said the original KI team will still be working with them so the KI Double Helix team will most likely form a new name kinda like Lab Zero did from Autumn Games with Skullgirls. The rest of the guys that worked on Strider and such will most likely get a new name of their own under Amazon and work on the new Amazon console.

Confirmation that the game will continue as normal more or less.


I love it how unpopular options get labeled as Trolls.

Man can’t voice his opinion because too many people get but hurt.


No people get up in arms when you don’t even explain why you don’t like it. You are like a kid who says he hates broccoli and never even tried it. Be an adult and explain.


Don’t bother, his explanation is just “Double Helix has made ass games therefore KI is ass.”


The only explanation you need is the game will still be in good hands. It’s sold well and now an evo game. Sky is the limit now.

Sakul, you have bad opinions. You would have been more funny as a troll instead of that being an actual serious opinion. Get out of the 90s. New company is here and they’re doing fine.


I hope this doesn’t kill of Killer Instinct. it had a great comeback.


KI is a good game, people are hating on it